Fabric Recycled Flowers


Fabric is an integral part of our daily life. We use fabric in our clothes, in curtains, bed sheets, cushions and on countless places. Our life without fabric is literally un imaginable. Or in simple words we could easily say that life without fabric is just like going back to stone age when man used to cover his body with large leaves. This sounds quite funny. All of us have piles of fabric left over pieces in our stitching rooms and cabinets. We preserve them with a view to use them in some future product. But you certainly would have become confused that how to use them.

My mom really use these left over in such a momtastic way, she used to make stylish froks for little fairies of the family. We have brought to you some other great ideas of recycling this left over fabric. We have already used fabric in many of other art crafts in our website upcycle art. Though the fabric could be upcycled in many other art crafts but here we have come up with the specific idea of recycling fabric to some colorful stylish flowers.

These fabric recycled flowers are very charming and attractive even for the kids. We can use them in numerous places. We can use them as stylish brooches on dresses or even on the shoes. We can use these colorful stylish flowers in several decoration and centre pieces. These fabric recycled flowers can further be decorated with some eye catching buttons or beads. To further enhance the charm we can use multi colored fabric, or more than one fabric in a recycled flower along with some pretty woven buttons. These flowers could also be added to hair catchers and hair clips. These fabric recycled flowers are multi purpose and could be recycled easily at your own.

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