Crochet Baby Dress Patterns for Free


There was time when crochet creations were on the top of art creations. Accessories made with crochet used to be the best thing that could be done for your loved ones. This was literally a symbol of love and care to make something so special with your own hands using crochet pins for your loved ones. But as the time kept passing and with the advancement, this skill literally became wiped out. So this is just a sincere and humble effort towards the revival of this great skill. We are going to present some exclusively great baby dress patterns made with the crochet.

Baby Dress with Crochet

Getting started with this simple bright white frock made using a fine thread would be a great idea. There is a slim patch of silken lace right on the front of the frock to add some additional charm. This sleeveless frock with extended layers could be a great present for your baby doll.
Crochet Baby Dress Designs

Just by making a smart choice in the selection colors, you can easily do something worth appreciation. Same is the case with this specific article where we have used multiple colors in making this straight and simple crochet baby frock, yellow white and orange are the colors with an obvious domination of yellow. Stripes are made with orange color, there is a touch of white in the lower flairs. Different stitch pattern could also be observed throughout the article. And a matching white net headband has given a final touch to the complete dress.
Crochet Baby Dress Idea

If you opine that mere crochet work could look a bit out dated, you can still have a plenty of options like you can add some embellishments. Like the one we have used in this crochet baby frock, we used a slim silken lace bow right on the front just to add some flavor.
Crochet Baby Dress Pattern Idea

We can conveniently buy some expensive baby accessories set for a new born, despite of its high prices and imperfection in various aspects. So how about making a complete accessory pack for your new born with crochet skill? Just like this pack of frock, cap and little cute booties.
Crochet Baby Dress Pattern Ideas

Having the floral clothes is always an attraction for the kids. They just love to carry such colorful and flowery articles. So just try to make this one with crochet pins, this cute floral frock with a petty coat is just a perfect choice for some moody and stubborn kids of yours.
Crochet Baby Dress Pattern

No matter how cunningly you are good with your crochet sticks, you can’t be a good one unless you are not good in exploiting the colors and various innovations. And this quality is best demonstrated in this cute crochet baby frock and headband.
Crochet Baby Dress Patterns

As we said earlier that the color combinations can just make your simple work a classic and funky one. Like every color has different impact and optics. So this deep red crochet frock would simply be a best frock for a baby with fair complexion.
Crochet Baby Dress

Just with the minor modifications and embellishments, we are really doing great with these crochet sticks. Coming towards our next article made with crochet pattern, we followed the same approach again. A touch of baby pink colored silken ribbon on a light pink crochet baby frock has really done a great job.
Crochet Baby Dresses

We have neither been constant with the colors and nor with the crochet stitch patterns, and that is the very basic quality of our crochet baby patterns that have made them distinguished ones. May be some of you might not like the parrot green color, but when added with white it could make something quite sophisticated.
Cute Crochet Baby Dress

Another top quality of crochet baby dresses is their fall, they just look fluffier and thicker, and wearing them your baby looks a healthy one. So this could also be perceived as a potential advantage.
Ideas for Crochet Baby Dress

And this one is my favorite let me speak my heart out. I am already in love with pink color. And sea green is also another great choice while making some kids garments. It has got a beautiful embellishment of a brooch again made with the same crochet sticks. And a cute dotted silken lace is also attached on the front making it a perfect kids garment.
Patterns for Crochet Baby Dresses