Creative Old Jeans Upcycling Ideas


I love wearing jeans always. I feel pretty comfortable in it. I literally feel like I can not sleep unless I haven’t worn my jeans. Jeans are the trousers typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. So the word jeans typically refers to a specific kind of pants, called blue jeans. Though I t comes in multi colors, but most associated color is the blue one. Which were invented by Jacob davis in 1871. Lets not go much deep into history, and focus on the inspiration of the day. We are discussing about the creative old jeans upcycling ideas. Almost every one of us loves to wear jeans. We can carry it with any style of shirts. At the same time jeans is also trade mark of funky style. So in a life time, we buy countless jeans and trash them when they become old and are not in a position to be used any more. Lets explore some creative old jeans upcycling ideas.

Jeans actually became popular in 1950 among teenagers. And now days, I don’t believe there could be a teenager guy who doesn’t wear a jeans. So we can easily presume that the jeans could be found in every house hold easily. This is something that every house hold has in it. So upcycling old jeans becomes pretty handy because of easy availability factor.

In one of our project we have upcycled an old jeans into a stylish hand bag which is pretty spacious and stylish as well at the same time. While on the other hand we have upcyclded the old jeans into a luxury cushion where even your pets can sit and relax. In another project we have upcycled it in to a neck cushion having a cartoon character on its front to lure your kids. We have used it in making a chair cushion, and in stylish belts. Just upcycle the old jeans according to your choice and priorities.

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