Bunk Bed Designs for Kids Room


Almost every one of us is familiar with a typical bunk bed, in it one bed frame is stacked on top of another. And speaking in simple words this is a method which is used to make the best use of available space. This idea is mostly employed in some hostels or some other boarding places where people reside in large number. But here we are talking specifically about the kids bunk beds in their rooms. So we are going to have a brief look into several designs of bunk beds for kids room.

Beautiful Bunk Bed Designs for Kids Room

Here is most decent setting or design of bunk bed for kids room. We can see a huge cornered space spared for kids bunk beds. The room is designed in a very delicate manner. The color combinations used throughout the bunk bed designs and the entire room are pretty soothing and attractive for all ages, especially for the kids. There are four bunk beds on the whole, two on ground floor and some other two beds on the first floor connected with a fine wooden ladder. Plus there are additional drawers on the base of each bunk bed for every single child.
Bunk Bed and Play Station

All of us know this fact very well that all the kids are immensely attracted towards the pink color. Here is a simple yet very fine kids bunk bed design. The whole cornered setup is pretty simple in its formation and appearance. A couple of bunk beds are connected together with an attractive wooden ladder that just has some holes which kids can use to step up to the first floor. There is also a built in shelf where table lamp and a couple of some other accessories are placed.
Bunk Bed and study table Kids Room

Coming towards the next design of bunk bed, we see some very formal kind of arrangement here in the kids room. Dark brown color is such a decent color combination for any sort of room, here it is arranged for a kids room. There is a huge sitting sofa on the ground floor decorated with multiple colored cushions, while on the first floor we see a similar bunk bed in the kids room. This design is pretty spacious for a kids room which is very well equipped and arranged with some very decent furniture articles. The wooden steps are pretty comfortable to climb even for very young kids.
Bunk Bed Design Ideas

The next bunk bed design is just like a little fairy land constructed right in the middle of the kids room. Some very dine wooden work is demonstrated here. This is certainly designed by some very high class professional especially for the kids. There is a very comfortable bunk bed on the first floor and a beautiful slide for the kids. While the ground floor is a whole kids play area. This design is just like a dream land for your kids, they would really adore the decent wood work and the kids play area in this kids bunk bed room design.
Bunk Bed Design Plans

On the end we witness a very rare and unique color combination in a kids room with a couple of bunk beds. A sweet color combination of white and purple is used in this kids room design. While a sophisticated and durable wooden ladder is connecting the ground floor to the first floor. This is probably designed for a little grown up kids who become quite critical and choosy in the matter of their room interior. All of these kids bunk bed designs are truly adorable. Try out one of them at your home, this would be a very appealing addition in your home for your beloved kids.
Bunk Bed Design

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