Upcycled Pallet Wall Shelves


What do you expect from the wall shelves? They should be pretty spacious so that they could best serve the purpose of storage hacks, they should be durable and firm enough to carry even the heavier weights like a pile of books. They must have a prettier outlook so that they may add to the interior beauty of our house. This is all what wall shelves are meant to be. Sometimes they serve us more than our expectations. A wall shelf is probably a must have for every house hold because you can not place all the decoration pieces on the tables.

Pallet Wall Shelves for Jewelry

Here in this article we would be having a detailed look and discussion on a huge collection of wooden pallet recycled wall shelves that are serving us practically in our daily life ofcourse. Coming towards the very first one, it is a simply designed straight wall shelf having three tiers. It is made by using some straight and plain pallet planks and it is not properly stained so it is hanging in its same rustic look. Its multi tiers are being used to place many photo frames, decoration pieces, lamp and other tiny accessories.
Wood Pallet Wall Shelves Ideas

The next one is a quite rough and dingy looking wall shelf that is recycled with the wooden pallet. Though there is not a set pattern of making a wall shelf in your room, but a few things could be presumed that it should have several portions to store our accessories. It should match or contrast to the rest of furniture and should look good in the room. So all these requirements are met here properly. This wooden shelf is having several portions where several photo frames are stored, and its dingy rough look is contrasting to the rest of interior.
Upcycled Pallet Wall Shelves

Let’s walk towards the next project. The wall shelves are not meant to be installed only in living rooms or bed rooms, but they are also best installed in the kitchens as well. Kitchen is a place where you have to store countless accessories like utensils, crockery, food factory, juicer grinder etc etc. so this wall shelf is designed in a perfect manner that all the necessary kitchen accessories could be arranged here in a very decent manner as shown in here. And despite of being great in number, they still do not show any messy look and all seems to be well arranged.

Upcycled Pallet Wall Kitchen Shelves

This is not a joined or combined wall shelf but a pair of individual wall shelves. Storage hacks are necessary for every house hold because at any given time you can run out of space. And not only as the storage hacks, but they also work literally like the decoration pieces in your house. Like these wall shelves are more like a center piece. Their dark color is contrasting to the wall making them look prominent. And they are also being used in best manner to store a pile of books that you can not just keep away in the store room.

Wooden Pallet Wall Shelves

Here is a unique sort of wall shelf. Look carefully at the entire structure of this wall shelf, this seems to be one unit but actually a number of wooden pallet boxes are combined together making them look like a single unit wall shelf. This is certainly a master art craft made by a pallet lover who knows the essence of real art. It has all the qualities of a good wall shelf, it is quite spacious that a number of accessories are stored inside it. It is very well built and durable as well.
Upcycled Pallet Book Shelves

Here comes another pretty wall shelf for your kitchen. Try making this one this summer for your wife, and trust me she would literally fall in love with this. It is going to give her the freedom of storing large number of accessories on a relatively smaller place which would be far easier for her to grab the thing in hour of need. Some straight plain wooden planks are fixed and joined together. And a lot of kitchen accessories are hanged on it like a saucer, beater blender etc etc. a perfect addition to your kitchen so far.
Upcycled Pallet Kitchen Shelves

Do you love the ornaments and jewels? My wife is literally in love with her ornaments. She seems always ready to buy new ones, she already has piles of them and still seems to be more lusty for more and more. The days are gone when ladies used to store them in small jewelry boxes, wall shelves designed to hang jewelry are becoming more and more trendy now days. Look at this rough rustic wall shelf, it seems like just a couple of trashed pallets are grabbed and simply fixed along the wall having some hooks installed to hand the jewelry items.
Upcycled Pallet Wall Jewelry Shelves

Now we are rushing towards a new multi dimensional wall shelf which is being used to serve multi purposes. Here is another rustic wall shelf that is entirely made by recycling the wooden pallet. Just some straight plain wooden planks are used in its making. And a variety of accessories is being hanged on it. Its is also being used to hang the kitchen utensils. It is also being used to place the variety of spices. This is really a marvelous addition to your kitchen. It is going to provide you a lot of space and not only this, it would multiply the beauty of your interior.
Reclaimed Pallet Wall Shelves

In today’s urban life, it has become pretty expensive to make your own house. Purchasing the land is probably the hardest thing you counter throughout your life. And in urban livings, we usually have smaller spaces as compared to country side livings, where it becomes mandatory for use to take the help from storage hack ideas. These wall shelves are a best source of storage hacks. Like here it is shown in a best manner. These yellow pallet wooden boxes are installed along the wall to be used as wall shelves.
Pallets Wall Shelves

Let’s get towards another splendid demonstration of a wall shelf that is made right in the middle of your TV lounge. This entire wall shelf is a kind of real beauty and a real master art craft. Lengthy sheet of wooden pallet is used in its making. One portion is specified for installing the LED. While a couple of spaces are spared for keeping books and some other stuff. This is such an amazing creation of art. It is stained as bright white who makes it more attractive and fascinating. This is really an exceptional design you rarely would have witnessed.
Pallet Wall Shelves with TV Stand

Pallet is something that is easily available for every one of us. Even I am having piles of wooden pallet in my backyard. So when the main timber is at your disposal, neither it is draining your finances and you also have the freedom to design and make it according to your priorities, then it becomes the matter of ease and choices. Like here is a design where wooden pallet sheet is simply installed along with the wall. While some additional metallic racks are used in its making where different center pieces and decoration pieces are kept to enhance the beauty of room interior.
Pallet Wall Shelves for Home Decor

Pallet is basically a raw object which is used when we have to transfer some goods from one place to another. So these wooden objects make sure the safe transferability of the goods. So easy and abundant availability of the wood pallets is making it quite trendy to use it in making practical art crafts. For instance, this is a manufacturing unit where you can see the wall shelves installed in the wall in a sequence. These are certainly used to place some of the accessories. And they are made certainly due to being inexpensive.
Pallet Wall Shelf Ideas

Now rushing towards the next project, here we have demonstrated a wall hanging shelf that is made firm by connecting the metallic chains. This is once again installed in the kitchen where the kitchen accessories are hanging in it. Kitchen is certainly a place where we counter a lot of kitchen accessories. But we can not just leave them like that, we have to arrange them in a proper manner or else it would create a pretty messy look which is not good at all for your kitchen. So I would strongly recommend you to try this for your kitchen.
Pallet Wall Kitchen Shelf

Now coming to the final project of the day, this is probably one of the finest wall shelves you have ever come across. It has all what you expect from a perfect wall shelf. It is spacious, it is firm, it has several storage hacks in it, and it also has got the best white color which can go with any room color. Its inner spaces are quite spacious to give shelter to a pile of your books that you always want to keep in your access. You can also place some decoration pieces here. Perfect for your lobby according to its size.
Pallet Wall Book Shelves

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