Pallet Garden Ideas


Pallet is such an amazing object that it is widely used in many art crafts. Are you familiar with a pallet? A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. Sometimes we inaccurately call it a skid. But a skid is pretty different from a pallet. We have used pallets in many previous art crafts and art projects in our website. We have used these wooden pallets in many furniture items like coffee table, patio benches, sofas, and flower planters. A specific rustic and dingy look of these wooden pallets make them the most feasible object to be recycled in many art crafts. Pallet is also used in many garden art ideas like we have used them in wooden planters, pallet garden furniture items, and also in pallet garden decor ideas. We have given new life to these old discarded wooden pallets which were thrown in the backyard. Our creative ideas have given a new dimension to innovation and artistic skills. Again we have come up with pallet garden ideas.

Pallet Plant Stand

Now we’ll be discussing pallet being used in different garden ideas. We will further beautify our garden by these pallet garden ideas. As we can see in the below project where we have used pallet wood in making different boundaries for different plants specifying them according to their kind. We have painted them with the most appropriate color that is complementing our surroundings further. This is also portraying a kind of professional touch in the gardening where we have classified different plants according to their type and we have separated them with the help of pallet wood which is quite inexpensive.
Pallet Garden Fence and Planter

Here in another garden project, we have used pallet wood to make a huge garden bench or sofa cum planter. This is a great demonstration of art. It has multiplied the beauty of the garden a hundred times by its unique style and stature. You hardly would have witnessed such a master piece somewhere else. All we have done here is that we grabbed a bunch of dumped pallets and made this great sofa cum planter with their help. This garden art idea is a great addition in our garden making it more lively and worthy of spending time here.
Pallet Garden Bed

While in the below pallet garden idea, we really had to work hard and lot of tools and expertise of woodwork was required. As you can see, this is basically a huge herb planter where different herbs are grown according to their types, and they are also categorized and separated with the help of pallets. This herb planter is located on a wider area relatively just below the metallic fence. And all the portions from upper to the lower most, all the stairs steps are made of pallet. We had a bunch of pallets in junkyard, we gathered them all and made this mega plant kingdom.
Pallet Garden Projects

In another project shown here we can see a couple of furniture items and a flat wooden deck which is pretty wide. All this wooden arrangement is made by upcycling wooden pallets that we normally ignore in our daily life. We consider them to be worthless and just a pile of trash. You can see a small stylish coffee table lying in the centre of deck, and an easy chair just in a corner, we can also see L shaped sitting arrangement and also a wooden fence separating this entire set up. Each and every object is made with the pallet wood.
Pallet Wood Made Garden Deck

A garden swing was a real dream of mine before I got it in real. I always imagined of swinging in a robust garden swing in my garden while reading a book, enjoying the pleasant sunlight and also the aroma of my favorite roses and jasmines. So we have demonstrated the same dream in this pallet garden idea. This garden swing is also made with the help of pallet wood. There can’t be more appropriate such a garden art idea to enjoy your garden atmosphere while swinging in a pallet made wooden swing.
Pallet Swing Ideas

Have you ever noticed a college notice board or a banner lying on the ground floor of a mega shopping mall offering you some discount offers? It is always vertical. Being vertical makes it more noticeable. Just like that, we have a ravishing garden art idea. We can make a vertical planter with the help of pallet wood and install it vertically right in the entrance of garden premises. It would be more like a welcome statement or a statement reflecting your taste and priorities in gardening. Let me assure you, your friends would really adore this idea.
Wood Pallet Garden Planter

We spend dollars and dollars on the beautification of our garden. We employ many garden art ideas to make it livelier. Hire professionals to advise us how to arrange or manage our garden arrangements, how should be its entrance and what color scheme of flowers should be planted in the entrance to give more beautiful look. Another great garden art idea is to make the path ways with the pallet to avoid being indulged in the soggy or wet soil. This pallet path way would not only add to your ease and convenience, but also would add to the beauty of garden by these stylish wooden pallet path ways.
Wooden Pallet Garden Walkway

In another beautiful pallet garden art idea, you can witness a beautiful wooden trellis which is dividing and separating different plants according to their kinds. Are you familiar with trellis? A trellis is an architectural structure which is made from an open framework or lattice of interwoven pieces of wood. Their prime objective is to display and support climbing plants especially shrubs. So if you want to spare some special space for shrubs in your garden, you can make these stylish wooden trellis with the help of pallet. This would be a great addition in garden art ideas too.
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