Upcycled Bottle Cap Art Works

I am literally in love with carbonated drinks. They give an instant refreshing and soothing effect. Such carbonated drinks and many other countless beverages are filled in certain glass or metallic bottles and are sealed with some specific lids called its cap. A typical metallic cap which is usually crown shaped is named as crown cork, while a fewer other bottles are sealed with plastic caps. You just pluck this crown cork with an opener and throw away like a piece of trash, but this piece of trash could be turned into something really artistic craft.

These tiny corks or bottle caps have their specific color and logo as a statement of their product. These bottle caps are unique and different in their shape and color as well, these bottle caps could be up cycled to a variety of art works. These bottle caps could be used in furniture, or to decor the entire body of your car and its entire exterior, or you can make a luring and attractive chime to hang in your lobby or patio as a welcome statement to the visitors.

You can fill these metallic cap bottles with wax and a thick thread and turn it into a candle and enjoy its beam while having sauna or steam bath. You can also use these crown corks to be pasted in the wall and in numerous artistic ways you can use these bottle caps.

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