Old Pianos Reused in Different Ways


To me, music is spice of life. I am very much in love with music and musical instruments, and among these musical instruments my piano is my most favorite. I remember my childhood days, when I used to play the birth day tunes on my ancestral piano that I inherited. Since then I was obsessed with the soothing tunes generated by the piano and I took regular classes to learn piano properly. But now it has matured its physical life and is all broken. But I have reused it and turned it into a practical item. You guys can also try some of them.

Old Piano Decor Art

I think this is the best way to make use of the wooden frame of piano that has been old and is useless. Look at the quality of wood, it has totally been deteriorated and broken. But the way it is turned into a vertical garden, this is fabulous.
Old Piano Recycled Planter

This is another smart use of the old and broken piano, its strings were broken and the keys were stuck, but our smart pallet wood crafters has made the best use out of it. And they have turned it into a smart wooden garden, or a herb garden.
Repurpose Old Pianos

Never in your life you would have come across such a unique garden fountain, isn’t it true? A classic vintage wooden piano which is erected in the green landscape. It is provided with the water supply from the back side, and the frontal holes have turned into a generic fountain.
Old Piano Garden Ideas Old Piano Garden Art

Come on, all the book lovers get attentive, I have got something very special for you guys. A broken wooden piano along with its all keys is fixed along the wall, and all the internal space is utilized for books. This has given an entirely new look to your room.
Old Pianos Recycled Old Pianos Reused Bookshelf

Wow, this room seems to be the belonging of some fanatic art crafter who is just crazy about some ever new inventions and crazy creations. And this can clearly be seen from the way the broken piano is turned into a wooden wall shelf by him or her.
Old Piano Shelving Idea

The time is gone behind when this piano was used to create an intoxicating atmosphere with the charming tunes and sounds, now this is being used as a wooden wine rack. Or may be as a wooden bar, this would just look pretty superb if placed inside your lounge or hall.
Old Pianos Bar Ideas Old Pianos Recycled Bar

This is another beautiful bar table made by reusing the old wooden piano frame. Just with some minor modifications we have generated proper spaces to hang the wine glasses and to place the wine bottles properly. A vintage wooden piano reused in the best possible way.
Old Pianos Reused Closet

And this one could be perceived as a perfect decoration piece, this seems like an expensive piano. And it would have hurt a lot if this was simply trashed, but we have literally compensated all the damage and we have turned it very smartly into a beautiful decoration piece.
i Old Pianos Reused Decor Art