Wooden Fruit Boxes Recycling Ideas


Have you seen the conventional wooden fruit boxes? They come in a variety of shapes and colors. Sometimes small and sometimes extra large, but whatsoever their color is, they are serving a very good cause. They are providing us with some fresh seasonal fruits. Have you ever thought of these wooden fruit boxes? Not yet? Then this is the most appropriate time for you. We are going to present a number of recycling plans where you would learn the recycling ideas for these wooden fruit boxes. All you need is the dumped wooden fruit boxes that are useless for you.

Decor Art with Wooden Fruit Boxes

Wow, we are beginning with such a smart recycling plan which just couldn’t get better than this one. Have you ever seen such a stylish and smart small cabinet or shelf? And you know what, this is made using the old wooden fruit boxes and nothing else.
Wooden Fruit Boxes Reused

So far we had been working on several pallet plans where we recycled the wooden pallet wall shelves, but here for the very first time we have used the old wooden fruit boxes into wall shelves. And just look at them, they look pretty perfect from each and every perspective.
Wall Shelves with Wooden Fruit Boxes

These wall installations are meant to provide us with ample space and also as some storage hacks that provide us with plenty of space where we can store a number of accessories. Like here we have recycled the wooden fruit boxes into smart wall shelves carrying certain washroom accessories.
Upcycled Wooden Fruit Boxes

Do you want to take good care of your kid’s toys? Then we have got a superb deal for you guys. The same wooden fruit boxes are going to serve you in this cause. Just the way they are used here along the wall and filled in with stuffed and other toys.
Storage for Kids Toyes with Used Fruit Boxes

What would you say about these bathroom décor ideas made using the wooden fruit boxes? Well, they really have made an ordinary place worth giving a look as these tiny boxes made for towels and other accessories has really added a lot of value to the place.
Repurposed Ideas with Wooden Boxes

I am just loving this railing or room cabinet. Just look at the roughness and rustic color of this room cabinet designed in such a manner that you could display a number of centre pieces at same time. And the good point is that it is recycled using the same old wooden fruit boxes.
Recycled Wooden Fruit Boxes

And this is probably the peak of recycling and expertise. I mean how could one get so smart, a plain wooden fruit box is simply put on the huge metallic wheels and it is turned into a stylish industrial side table with storage. This multi purposed table is again the brainchild of fruit boxes.
Fruit Boxes Recycling

And finally this is probably the roughest side table that you would have ever witnessed. This seems like a straight wooden fruit box that was deteriorated enough is just grabbed and placed on the side of the couch as a side table. These smart recycling plans are quite interesting and encouraging for all the art lovers.
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