Upcycled Earring Ideas

Jewelry or ornaments are probably the most beloved stuff of your lady. She seems always ready to gather piles and piles of jewelry in her jewelry box and is never satisfied. She still wants to have more and more of them. I have gifted her many large vintage rhinestone earrings from my local thrift shop but she always keep craving for more. Enamel flower pins, rhinestone brooches, orphaned earrings and what not. The idea here is an inspiration for all the art loving folks to go on an old jewelry treasure hunt at your own by upcycled earring ideas with some trashed stuff that is not in use anymore.

You can use trivial stuff like beads, jewelry blanks and metallic strings and lengths of chains to turn or upcycle them into stylish vintage earrings to please your lady. If she is sick and bored from these ordinary earrings then you must give a try to upcycle earring ideas. She is definitely going to love it.

You can use simple glass bottle corks, flatten them and join them with some stylish metallic strings by piercing nicely. Or the thread made circles or even the coins pierced and joined in some stylish strings and couple of beads. You can use some sophisticated metallic rotators to make some industrial kind of stuff in earrings, or just some colorful beads along with seashells and a jute string.

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