DIY Paper Flower Ideas


I always love to recycle the paper or tissue paper as flowers. These upcycled flower are much long lasting than the real ones so you can place them in tiny planters or even in some crystal glass vases. You can also use them in plain wall art. Here in this DIY you would be given brief instructions to turn the paper into recycled flowers. For making this first fluffy silver grey flower, cut the paper in square, now cut it further in layers towards inside each layer having the equal width. Now turn and roll the most inner layer in a flip shape, now start flipping the rest of the layers in the same pattern. Now twist the remaining two in a upside down position and you would end up making a bunch of paper flowers.

Paper Flower Project

Now coming towards the next project, take a couple of regular ice cream cups. Cut them in a curvy pattern as shown in the image with equal intervals. Now make a pattern of squares in the base of the cup while the upper sharp ends should be painted with some bright color making them look like the real flowers. They are all set to be used in the wall art. In order to turn the corners, twist them inward by placing a pencil right in the middle and press them twice or thrice. It would cause them to bend inward giving them a perfect shape of petals.
Paper Flower Ideas

Lets now work on the very next paper flower project. Cut the all four borders of the paper with scissors in a zic zac manner as shown in the image. Now start folding them flipping inward and outward maintaining the same size of each layer, now tie it up right from the middle with a rope, and spread it further. Cut the lengths further to make it more fluffier.
DIY Paper Flower Plan Paper Flower

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