Upcycled Fabric Crafts

Silk, wool, linen or cotton, all are the several types of fabric. There are countless uses of fabric in our daily life. Clothing and fabric grabs a chunk of our spending. Meters and meters of fabrics are used in our clothing, our bedspreads, napkins, curtains each and everywhere in our home offices and malls. But like all other stuff, a fabric also have an estimated life after which it loses its shine and certain texture, and then we just throw it away. Though my mom upcycled my several T shirts as duster and for cleaning purpose, but if you are a bit artistic and love craft making, you can upcycle fabric into numerous crafts.

Fabric is something so common, that we never give a second thought before dumping it. Silk bedspreads, woolen sweaters, cotton napkins all is just trashed when becomes old. Why not to turn this used fabric into crafts? Which we may use for decoration purposes and many other things. This just depends on your expertise, your innovation and creativity that in what manner you upcycle the fabric into what sort of crafts.

Make a flower of an old woolen sweater of yours which since long you have left in cupboard and are no more interested in wearing it again. Make clutch with denim fabric having a handle of silk with a tiny attractive rose, or make a head cushion made of multi colored fabrics or a friendship band made of light colored soothing fabric or whatever you desire. Just think of upcycling fabric into artistic fascinating crafts and show your individuality.

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