DIY Drinking Straws Upcycled Baskets


Are you aware of the history of a straw? It was first ever made by Marvin Chester stone in 1888. He decided to roll up some paper and coat it inside and outside with the wax so that it may not fall apart. Hence it became the first straw in this way. We see many colorful drinking straws in colas, shakes and juices. In this DIY article we are going to learn how to turn this drinking straw in to a basket. Now when you have to get set for making a basket by upcycling drinking straws, all you need is,

A pile of straws.


Small paper clips.

To make a basket with drinking straws you have start weaving like you are knitting or weaving some thread in a specific shape. Start weaving by folding four straws all at once in half and then interlink them in the way. After that weave four more straws as shown in the picture, and now link the both units together. In the same pattern keep on repeating and linking the units. Now you would be thinking what task we had to perform with the paper clips, these tiny paper clips are going to help you tighten the loose ends. So your structure will not fall apart with their help and you would end up making a complete structure of a DIY drinking straw basket. Now tie up the other side to the whole. The moment you are done with all four dimensions, and you have reached the top, use your scissors to cut off the ends of straws and you are all done.

This beautiful tiny art craft is going to fascinate you a lot. You and even your kids are going to love to carry their stuff in this tiny DIY drinking straws upcycled basket.

Drinking Straws Upcycled Baskets