Ways to Recycle Towels


You throw the towels when they’re old and worn out? Well, that it’s over, we can reuse them and make them to remain useful. There are many uses for the towels because they are very absorbent and his touch is very nice. In this article I teach them some alternative uses that we can all give to those old towels that we have at home.

Old Towels Crafts

  1. You can combine several towels and make a blankie to take you on a picnic or simply to sunbathe in the garden.
  2. Do shreds several towels and trénzalas to make a nice bath mat that will absorb the water when you get out of the shower.
  3. the old towels are ideal to adapt them to the mop and with them to clean up all kinds of soils.
  4. If you cut in small strips several towels can draw up a carpet of hair to get out of the shower.
  5. With A Towel, stuffed and a bit of imagination can do a slippers to be at home.
  6. You can sew a child cloth on a piece of towel and thus make an individual tablecloth for children. It is very useful since the towel it’ll absorb any liquid that the sin throw.
  7. You can make a bag of trip.
  8. A Glove of kitchen also you can sew, the towel is a fatty and so avoid Chlorogenic.

Look some ways to recycle towels:

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