External Columns Pallet Wooden Art


External columns are widely used in different construction styles. These external columns enhance the strength of the roof top and they also add a lot to the beauty of the premises. They are mostly made with the solid concrete and then they are coated with some stylish ceramic tiles or some other materials. But how would they actually look if some wooden pallet planks are used on them? Wood is definitely one of the best materials used in home decor ideas. This is another genius idea of wooden art to use pallet planks on the wooden columns.

Pallet Columns Decor

External columns have been into limelight since the ancient Greek construction designs. Later on they were tried in many Muslim art sculptures and kept gaining the fame in the field of construction. Now days they are very trendy and widely used in palaces, grand hotels, mansions and villas. Even the west appreciates them a lot. So think differently and try making some external columns with pallet wooden art. This pallet wooden art is basically meant to wrap up some of your home interior objects in wood and make them look even better. So in this project, we are going to show you the way in which you can employ wooden pallet art on the external columns or pillars.
External Columns Pallet Wooden Art

This is the outer space of the front door of a house. It has a couple of concrete columns which are later wrapped up in wooden pallets. Same size of pallet planks are used as we did use in pallet wooden flooring. Same substances are used for the pasting purpose as they can not be just nailed up in the concrete columns. They are used in such a finest way that they are literally escalating the beauty of house entrance.
Pallet Wooden Columns