Upcycled Crate Stools


I don’t think any one of you would say that I m not familiar with these fruit crates. All of us have seen them many times in life time, but never from the perspective of recycling these plastic crates. Yes you heard it right, I am talking about recycling them. So nothing to worry about, infact you should get excited that some trash of yours is going to be recycled and turned into some damn useful stuff that would be used practically in your home. We are going to make the upcycled stools with these plastic crates that would look good being different from the typical wooden furniture items.

crate stools

Just think about your study in the house, this is meant to be a place where you need complete silence so that you may concentrate. So in such a delicate place, using these recycled stools would be a great idea I believe.
DIY Milk Crate Seats

Now coming towards the next recycled stool project, we have used some additional wooden reclaimed legs in making a whole range of recycled stools. Each leg is nailed with a robust metal bolt, on the top we used plain wooden slabs, and the surroundings are covered with plastic crates.
Milk Crate Stool Set

For this one you would have to be quite generous in appreciating the crafter who has recycled this cute sitting arrangement. Four recycled stools with a decent centre table, all are the creation of plastic crates. In the stools we used single crate each, while in the table a couple of crates are recycled.
reclaimed crates furniture set

I think placing such cute recycled stools in some well established room arrangement would be a compliment for the rest of the interior. Just like this couple of recycled stools having a matching tegument made with some fine fabric and mattress sheet. I think they make a smart furniture item for indoors.
recycle upcycle plastic crates

This sort of stools are so much trendy in the middle eastern and Asian countries. But unfortunately they are not that well aware of recycling stuff. This pair of recycled stools can make an ideal sitting space inside the house even without a proper centre table.
Recycled Crate Stools

These crates are the ones that were probably used for the milk packs. They are again recycled having some reclaimed wooden legs. A whole number of recycled stools are prepared using the same milk crates. Now use them on various places wherever you think they should be given a place.
recycled milk crate stools

Have a closer look on the stools, they are joined with each other with a small belt. Plus the sheet used on the top of the stool is a fiber sheet that can easily be cut and molded. Plus the legs are reclaimed that were obtained from an old used item.
recycled plastic crate stools

And this whole range of recycled stools having multiple colors can be used inside the home, in outdoor spaces like patio or garden especially for the kids. Each plastic crate is having a tegument of different color making it quite alluring for the kids and adults as well.
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