Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids


Our kids learn different art activities at school while they are in play group or KG. these art activities enhance their learning and creative skills which help them a lot in their practical life. You must spend your spare time with your kids to help them in their art and learning activities. Toilet paper is a daily use item, every one of us is familiar with it. Toilet paper is wrapped on round roll that is usually made of a thicker material called cardboard. This circular card board has a very specific round shape. Which lures the art lovers to make different crafts out of it.

My kids are so creative that they turn every piece of crap into some pretty art craft. I always love to have such art activities with my kids. I always bear in mind that I have to collect all the leftover toilet paper rolls for my kids to make different art crafts out of them. I remain more conscious about the roll than the toilet paper itself. I have experienced making multiple art crafts with my kids by recycling these toilet paper rolls. They can be cut, molded and painted easily. This dimension makes them a best source for art activities.

You can make an interesting puzzle game for your kids with this toilet paper roll, or by placing a bungy cap on the top you can shape them like santaclaus. You can make a rotator roller brush by cutting the roll from inside and can make random paint designs. You can make a small house with toilet paper roll for your kids, or stylish minion caricatures as pencil containers for your kids, small racing cars, colorful butterflies, a destructive horrible missile and what not. Your kids would love these crafts made of toilet paper roll.

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