Recycled Pet Bottles Ideas


Hey there crafters, what’s up buddies? What’s going on in your lives? And especially what exactly are the lined up projects in your timeline? If you are still undecided, then just spare some time and go through this article. Actually we have decided to recycle the pet bottles. Yeah, those very pet bottles which carry some of our favorite beverages and carbonated drinks. They come in various colors and shapes. So being a bit selective about the pet bottles, collect these pet bottles in bulk. And just get ready to recycle them according to the below give pet bottle recycling ideas.

Pet Bottles Car Port Shed

Chandeliers are some lighting objects that are used in the beautification and decoration of our home interior. We buy them from the market against hundreds of bucks. But this time we have planned to recycled a pet bottle chandelier. This chandelier is all made with the cut pieces of pet bottles.
Pet Bottles Chandelier

Making some attractive sculptures is always something pretty exciting. Just like this cloud sculpture made using the pet bottles. We have used same kind of transparent pet bottles in a large amount, and made this cloud sculpture which could be a best source of fascination for your younger kids.
Pet Bottles Cloud Sculpture

If you are the one who is obsessed with gardening and planting several flowers and shrubs. You’d must always be in dire need of some stylish planters. So just think about having these cheap planters made using the same pet bottles. We cut the pet bottle from the middle and hanged it horizontally after filling with some fresh soil.
Pet Bottles Planters

I know you guys might be a bit concerned about such a huge collection of pet bottles, but when you are going for such massive recycling projects then you have to be sufficiently equipped with all the needed material.
Pet Bottles Sculpture

There must not be any doubt about the practicality of these pet bottles. You can not only make some idle decoration pieces with these pet bottles, but if you have got the guts and courage, try making this beautiful boat using the same pet bottles. This is the quality of pet bottle that it doesn’t drown so just think of making this pet bottle boat.
Recycled Pet Bottles Boat

Greenhouses are so damn famous among the masses when it comes to planting some certain plants. We make these mega structure with various materials, but just for your information, we can make the same greenhouse with these plastic pet bottles.
Recycled Pet Bottles Greenhouse

If you don’t feel the tiny pet bottles to be sufficiently spacious for the plants you want to grow, opt for some bigger pet bottles and working in the same manner as we did in some previous pet bottle planter, make this huge pet bottle planter.
Recycled Pet Bottles Planters

And coming towards our final project of the day, we have recycled some plastic pet bottles here making some delicate decoration pieces, these artificial flowers could be used in some gigantic vase and placed inside your drawing room or some other place you find suitable for this. This would be an exclusive creation for your home interior.
Recycled Pet Bottles