Driftwood Heart Art


How many times do you visit the sea shore in a month? I remember my childhood when I was pretty young, our house was there near the beach where we all family used to go frequently. This was the most favorite place of ours, I used to make mud houses and enjoyed my childhood a lot. That was the place where I first countered these splendid wooden raw pieces called driftwood. I remember I always came back home a handful of this marine debris. Now days it has become a source of inspiration for many of the art lovers.

Driftwood Heart Art

We in our website have worked on various projects of driftwood. We have used it in wall art, in making decoration pieces and even in making many practical items like lamps. This is such a fabulous material that you get it quite free of cost and then you turn it to a art craft. And the most interesting thing is that you do not need to spend a lot of money on it. Infact you have it all free of cost, you just have to visit your nearest beach and you would return a handful of driftwood. Today once again we have come up with a great inspiration of turning the driftwood into a beautiful art craft that could be used as a center piece or a decoration piece in your house.
Driftwood Heart

We are going to work on driftwood heart art. Here we would be making a sculpture of heart which is a common center piece that we normally love to place anywhere in the house, it adds a lot to the interior beauty of our house. Look at this heart made with drift wood, several raw pieces of driftwood are joined together giving it a shape of heart. Use it as a decoration piece in your drawing or even in lobby.
Driftwood Heart Project


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