Shoe Boxes Reuse Ideas


The true personality of a man is probably judged by the shoes he’s wearing even more than his clothes. I have a huge collection of leather and other man made material based shoes. I am always more conscious towards the selection of my shoes more than my dress. So where I have piles of shoes lying right in my shoe cabinet, I also have a bunch of shoe boxes which contain the shoe pair. It was always a source of headache for me to get rid of them, but since I am into the art of recycling, I have started collecting these shoe boxes because we have some real great plans to turn them into some fine practical art crafts.

Shoe Box Planter

Shoe boxes are mostly made with the card board material that is something we have already used in the making of numerous art crafts. This time we have some different plans of repurposing them and they would be given a completely new and different life. Prior to these inspirations these shoe boxes were just the piece of crap for me, but they are no more trash for me. Here we are going to show you some really amazing demonstrations that would compel you to preserve your shoe boxes and turn them in art crafts at your own because they are pretty handy in making, neither they drain your wallet.
Shoe Boxes Drawers

Think and make the master art crafts by upcycling the shoe boxes. In the very first demonstration, we have used the shoe boxes in making a practical planter that is having ample amount of soil in it and can easily cater the needs of your green plant. You can place it inside your house in the patio or anywhere you want it to be placed. Next we have used it in making kids cabinet that is quite eye catching and luring for your kids. We have also recycled it to a splendid doll house.
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