Upcycled Cable Reel Ideas


Upcycling is the art of giving a new life to the things which were dumped by us considering to be of no use anymore. So in throughout our website, we have worked on a lot of upcycling ideas which have given us really impressive pieces of daily use items. Today in this article we are going to work on cable reel upcycling ideas. The cable reel is a wooden round object that is used in wrapping or storing huge cables that are used in industry most of the times. So we are going to turn these scraped cable reels into some awesome art crafts.

Upcycled Cable Reel Book Shelf

In the very first project above we see that cable reels are used as very decent tables cum book shelves. The wooden reels are stained as bright white color and some additional built in wheels are connected to make them completely mobile. While in the next project below we see some raw cable reels being used together in different sizes put one on another. This is being used as a stylish table cum shelf which is pretty long and tall in size. We can see many crystal glass center pieces placed on this. This is another artistic way of upcycling these huge cable reels.
Upcycled Cable Reel Crafts

Here in the last project of upcycling the cable reels, we see a fine pigeon house that is multi storey. A couple of cable reels is used in making each pigeon house. This is probably the best shelter for pigeons which provide them with all necessities. Save them from extreme weather conditions. And also keep them safe from other animals and birds that might bring harm to them. So all depends on your innovation and artistic mind. Common raw cable reels are turned into pretty useful pigeon houses by upcycling.
Upcycled Cable Reel for Chickens

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