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The recycling of used bottles is becoming so trendy now days because people have really changed their thoughts regarding the recycling ideas. Probably they have realized that recycling of used materials is just like giving them a new life. In this way we also attain some full fledge practical art crafts that could easily be used in our daily practical life. If you are an art loving person you can create wonders by just using the trashed or dumped products which we believe were of no use. Here we have got the inspiration of recycling the beverage bottles.

Bottles Christmas Projects

How much preparations do you make for the Christmas celebration? I always enjoy this even to the max. I throw parties and family get together, make Christmas trees and bring home a lot of gifts for the kids. Make santa clause and distribute gifts among the kids. Since we have planned to recycle some trashed bottles for the Christmas, here is a beautiful demonstration of recycling bottles for Christmas event. These Champaign bottles are colored dark in golden, and wrapped with some fine red fabric associating the Christmas colors, and they are tagged with some welcome notes too.
Bottle for Christmas

These are some most appropriately designed and upcycled bottles specifically for the event. These bottles are spray painted in red and cream color making the bottles pretty charming for being placed on your dining table right in the middle. Not only their colors associate with the Christmas event but they are also some perfect center pieces for your dining space. Upcycling these trashed bottles in this way is just like fetching the colors of Christmas throughout your house. The moment your guests are going to be served with some delicious Christmas food on this dining table, they are going to love repurposed bottles.
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Here are some more finest examples of recycling trashed bottles. We consume liters and liters of beverages on a daily basis. But we never bother to collect the bottles containing these beverages. We simply trash them out when we are done with their beverage. You must ponder upon their design and color scheme. If you are a true crafter you will find the potential for making some real art crafts by upcycling these ordinary bottles. Like these bottles painted as silver grey containing three inspiring words which could electrify the event and your gathering by these magical words.
Bottles Christmas Ideas

If you are a true artist, you really can turn the most ordinary objects into some finest master art crafts. All you need in this regard is some real inspiration. You need to learn the basic skills of exploiting colors and maneuvering the ordinary objects to turn them in some noticeable art crafts. For instance here in this project, an ordinary glass bottle is painted as white, and bottle neck is wrapped into some decent stems and pearls. The multi colored paint on the body of bottle is just adding to its attraction making it a perfect center piece for Christmas occasion.
Bottles Christmas Decor

As we all know that white snow is something associated with the event of Christmas. Santa clause loves the snow. So these glass bottles are painted with some white snow paint making their texture fluffy, and some artificial stems shaped objects are put into them making it look like some heavenly vase. Not only the beverage bottles but some empty perfume bottles are also used here and painted in same color. You can place these master art crafts anywhere in the house to welcome your guests. They are literally going to fall in love with these recycled bottles.
Bottles Christmas Decor Ideas

What exactly do you need for these Christmas art crafts? Certainly some trashed bottles and some trivial things that are easily available in every house hold. Any type of bottles watercolour, printable, sticker labels, ribbons and beads, different style of glitter powder, and finally to protect your work, a fine varnish coating. Here in this project, the bottle is completely wrapped into jute thread which is pretty common in certain art crafts. This gives a kind of vintage look to the crafts. Plus the bottle neck is wrapped into a pile of some artificial flowers. A perfectly recycled craft for Christmas.
Bottles Christmas Crafting

This one is probably the most appropriately recycled pair of bottles right in accordance to the event. Whenever you think about Christmas, what comes to your mind immediately? Santa clause? And a red santa clause cap? Certainly. These are the trade marks of the event. So here the recycled bottles are painted in plain white color. And a santa clause carrying a bag full of presents is painted right on the body of the bottles. Offer some beverage to the guests in these bottles, trust me they are going to love this unique idea of yours.
Bottles Upcycled for Christmas

Here is another fine art work. Plain glass bottle is painted as dark brown, while a cartoon character is painted on the bottom of the bottle. Some light work is also done inside the bottle. This is just the demonstration of art, you can paint the bottle the way you want. You just have to reflect the colors of nature and happiness to maintain the sanctity of the event. You have to make these bottles look special with the magic of your art work and your innovation so that this bottle after recycling could remind you of the specific event you have designed or upcycled it for.
Bottles Uses for Christmas

Once again the same snowy paint is used in making this master craft. The bottom is wrapped into some fine wooden sticks making it look like some garden fence. A polar bear is carrying a planter with a cute hat on his head. All this is a kind of expression of happiness and liveliness. Some other bottles are also having cartoon characters painted on them. Some are painted in dark spray paint colors. All these efforts of recycling trashed bottles are going to pay you at the end of the day as lots of praises and admiration.
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