Burlap Tree Planters


Have you seen the prices of some conventional planters out there in the market? If you are very much into the gardening then certainly you would be aware of the high prices of mud or clay traditional planters. Despite of high prices they are not that attractive and compatible to your artistically designed green landscape. So why not to think of some new innovation regarding the making of a burlap planter? They would prove to be a real beauty for your garden as the rustic color of burlap is quite fascinating for your eyes. So these burlap tree planters are going to be a real attraction in your landscape.

Burlap Garden Decor

How much are you familiar with the burlap? Burlap is basically a woven fabric that is usually made from skin of the jute plant or sisal fibers. When it is combined with other vegetable fibers then the ropes and nets are made with them. I have seen this wonderful fabric in real and not only this, we have worked on a couple of projects in our website with the help of burlap. Today we are going to work on the plan of making burlap plant trees. This is going to be a real fun activity.
Burlap Garden Idea

If we talk about the advantages of a burlap tree planter they are a lot, this burlap planter is country chic for your plants. The burlap automatically drains the extra water which prevents rot, and also keeps the soil damp on hot summer days. Look at the making of these fine burlap tree planters. They are made by sewing some chicken wires in them making their shape look like a bowl and keeping it firm. They are perfect to contain soil and tiny plants to be planted in them. You can hang or fix them right on the branches of the tree containing different plants just like a shrub growing along with a tree.
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