Recycled Wood Pallet Crates Shelves


A pallet shelve, how does it sound when you hear it? It sounds something really creative out of the wooden pallet recycling. A pallet crate shelve is certainly a bit different from the common market based wall shelf that is installed against a huge amount that literally drains out our wallet. Here in this article we would be discussing a number of pallet crate shelves that could be recycled with the wooden pallet to cater our daily needs. Beginning from this one, here is a couple of pallet crate shelves put one on another are made using raw pallets.

Crates Shelves Ideas

Here is a huge wooden pallet shelve that is designed in such a manner that a number of books could be placed here easily. This is an ideal shelf for all the book lovers. The ones who always prefer reading books instead of watching movies or just hanging around.
Crates Shelves

A simple yet useful pallet crate shelf could be seen here. It is painted as yellow to make it look like a centre piece. It is tall in stature and it holds enough capacity or storage space to carry a huge number of books. And again recycled with the pallet wood.
Pallet Crates Bookshelves

Well, this one a is a decent vintage pallet crate shelf. This resembles to some old fashioned TV trolley that was used in urban house holds to place the TV set in it. It has also got the wheels in the bottom to make this pallet shelf mobile.
Pallet Crates Shelves Plan

The next one is a very stylish whole range of pallet crate shelves. Pallet wood is used in making bucket shaped pallet shelves and they are just installed along the wall. Eight similar crate wall shelves are installed here and all are identical. They are more like a centre piece in a room interior.
Pallet Crates Shelves

The next set is arranged probably in kid’s room. This seems like a room of a baby girl. Four identical pallet wooden crate shelves are installed along the wall. They apparently seem like mere squared wooden boxes. But they can carry a number of accessories and toys.
Pallet Wooden Crates Shelves

In the next project again wee a couple of squared wooden boxes as pallet crate shelves, but these are not mere wood boxes. These pallet shelves are painted as dark brown and they are designed to carry fresh washed towels in an arranged manner to grab after having a bath.
Recycled Wood Crates Shelves

This one is quite interesting pallet crate shelf. This is a three tiered pallet wooden shelf and it is meant to carry the stuffed toys of your kids. Straight pallet planks dis assembled from the wooden pallets are used in making this toy shelf. Make one for your kids.
Recycled Wood Pallet Crates Shelves

A pallet crate is basically a wooden pallet container that is meant to carry some stuff. But we can also use these crates in numerous ways like here we are using them as shelves. Here again comes a great demonstration of pallet crate wall shelf. All these four crates are more than enough to carry your kitchen accessories.
Reused Wood Crates Shelves

My goodness, we really have to admire the caliber of pallet crafters. They know best how to exploit and utilize the pallets in the best possible way. The same wooden pallet crates are turned here into decent shoe racks.
Upcycled Wood Pallet Crates Shelves

While the last one is a unique yet immensely stylish DVD box. Your all DVD collection could be stored here in a single pallet wood crate. And it would also look great and complimentary while lying in the fron of the TV set. These pallet crate shelves are really very smart ideas to work on.
Wood Crates Shelves Wood Pallet Crates Shelves