Garden Decor Ideas with Car Rims and Tyres


I believe many among you are always so keen to make their gardens worth sitting there. You guys keep working on several plans to decorate your gardens, that’s why we frequently bring you some genius garden decor ideas that have proved to be a landmark in the beautification of green landscapes. Still we believe that we have had not enough of them, so here again we are presenting some heart touching easy garden decor ideas with car rims and tyres. Does it sound insane? Just don’t get astonished, I am sure you would love witnessing these smart garden decor ideas.

Art with Car Rims and Tyres

What exactly do you conceive from this beautiful caricature? Well, to be honest juts the dumped tyres and rims are used in this garden décor idea. A bunch of plastic bottles is also used in making this awesome sun caricature. You never would have seen such a dull colored sun, but this is the creation of our experts to paint a sun like this, just to give you a soothing effect instead of making you scared from the heat. His eyes are literally appreciating your smartness that you used in making this sweet garden décor idea.
Garden Decor Art

Wow, what would you say about these creations? Aren’t they adorable enough to be tried atleast once in a life time? Surely they are. These cartoon characters are again made using the old tyres and rims of car. The color scheme depends on your choice, and just place them in a corner of your garden and enjoy the view.
Garden Decor Ideas

After a couple of caricatures made using the used tyres and rims, here we wanted them to be turned into some classic planters. Just look at their color and presence, they are a great addition to your green landscape. And due to their huge size they are a massive compliment to your plants.
Garden Decor Upcycled ideas

Be a little closer to these tyres made vases or planters. These multi purposed creations could be used as an insanely huge vase and as a planter as well at the same time. You just have to cut and mold the tyres with some real sharp blade or cutter.
Garden Decor with Tyres

These are again some multi purposed planters made with the dumped tyres and rims of your car. I am sure you never knew that these mere tyres could be used in such a great way for the decoration of your garden.
Garden Planters

And what are your comments about this cornered bunch of tyre planters? This seems a whole different world made using the car tyres and rims. They are painted well and they are filled in with some great freshly cut flowers and cornered. This spot deserves appreciation in the whole scenario.
Recycled Tyres Garden Decor

You just get ready to collect a bunch of used tyres and rims and we assure you we are never going to let you run short of smart garden decor ideas using car used tyres and rims. All of these decor ideas are so damn handy and require your consideration.
Used Tyres Garden Planters