Garden Decor Planters with Logs


Art and creativity has no limits or boundaries. It can not be captured nor confined to some certain limits. That’s why we never feel like being drained out with our creative ideas. And the other thing that keeps us motivated and determined is your positive and supportive feedback that keeps us going.  The ideas we would be presenting here in this article regarding the garden décor planters with logs would really fascinate all the gardeners and the people having special inclination towards the art and crafts. These planters with logs would be carrying a rough and wild look that is pretty compatible with your outdoor life.

Decor Planter with Log

Just keep looking on these various ideas of planters in the entire range of our article. All of them are made using the wooden logs which are random and rough pieces of tree and carrying some colorful flowers.
Log Garden Planter

Just a have a closer look on this huge wooden log turned into a garden planter. Before putting in the flowers the special ground is prepared for the plantation. Raw soil layer is spread on the top of log and then the arrangements are made for planting.
Log Planter Idea

Look at this short and cute log planter, in none of the ways it is lesser than a typical market based planter that we buy against hundreds of bucks, instead it is looking even prettier than that. This is just like bringing the wild beauty to your home inside your green landscape.
Log Planter Ideas

These log planters are meant to target the audience who are always determined to keep making the experiments with random things. They just always keep on exploring some insane ideas for the beautification of their houses and green landscapes. We have had enough of planters recycled with different stuffs, but these planters with logs have got their own identity.
Log Planting Plan

Here in this project you can see the entire process being done manually. First of all a raw log is obtained, put on the ground and after scratching the upper layer a deep portion is dug out, filled in with the soil, and then a bunch of colorful flowers is put inside.
log upcycled planters

The next one seems to be a mere decoration piece for the garden. This is undoubtedly a great addition in the garden décor ideas. We see just some shrubs with elegant green flowers and leaves are used for the embellishment of the log planter.
Planting with Logs

This is some end corner of a narrow garden, where a log planter is employed for the decoration and beautification of the garden. These colorful and thorny shrubs and flowers are used in a great manner right on the top of the log planter. And certainly no money is spent on making this unique wooden planter.
recycled log planter

And lastly a number of log planters are coming your ways. Raw and rough wood broken huge pieces are covered with colorful and wild plants and shrubs, and they have turned into gorgeous garden décor ideas. These log planters aren’t less than a feast for your garden.
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