Cute Vertical Garden Idea


I have always been very fond of greenery, plants and flowers. I was grown up playing in my dad’s garden which he grew with all the necessary love and care. So naturally I am always inclined towards greenery. This is not only the source of providing you the ideal atmosphere for breathing and healthy life style, but also adds charm and beauty to your living surroundings. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in making and maintaining their green landscapes. This is considered to be a vital part of almost every house hold even in the form of lawn, patio or a proper garden. But if you do not have ample space for your garden, you could also use a green wall in your house.

A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium such as soil. These green walls are also named as living walls or vertical gardens. So you could make your green wall or vertical garden indoor or even outside, that is certainly free standing or attached to an existing wall and come in a great variety of sizes. This vertical garden is a best alternate to a full fledge green landscape. This would also enlighten your mood, and would multiply the beauty of your interior by giving a soothing and ravishing effect.

For instance, in the below vertical garden project, you could see the wooden racks installed along with the wall. They are containing some typical planters too. This is apparently a superb vertical garden idea. Not only this is an addition to your healthy life, but also a stylish and unique welcome statement for all your visitors. You could employ this vertical garden idea right in your garage, or in your patio. A marvelous blend of wall art, and vertical garden idea.

Cute Vertical Garden Idea Vertical Garden Idea Vertical Garden