Textile Art Work by Romanian Artist


The work here displayed is done by a famous artist called Agnes Herczegs. Her work is very exciting because she has taken a historic fiber process which was used on clothing and linens, and she is the one who has turned it to a provocative, contemporary fiber art process. She also uses wood and ceramic pieces in her textile art work. She uses these pieces in support of her work which gives a unified composition. That is clearly reflected here in these projects. S strange feeling of harmony and compassion is reflected from her textile art work.

Textile Art Creations

As in the first project as shown above where there is a great combination of multi colored threads that are stitched or woven together in such an artistic way that they reflect a lady or a queen being seated on her thrown is all lost in her thoughts. Every single one might have his own interpretation seeing this master piece. While in the next project again she has used a variety of threads woven in a square wooden canvas where she has also used ceramic and wooden pieces in her work in the support of her art. Her textile art work reflects a strange feeling of delicacy and sobriety.
Textile Art Idea

In the last project we are going to ponder upon for the day we see a once again a lady that is wrapped in a fine woven sweater is lost in deep thoughts. Thoughts might relate to her poverty, or her other social or economical issues. A lot of interpretations could be done on this. But a strange feeling of unified expression lies in this great textile art work. Agnes has given new dimensions and heights to the textile art work and undoubtedly she is a mentor for the textile art work lovers.
Textile Art Ideas

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