Upcycled Wood Pallet Ideas


Sometimes I recall the time when I first did some pallet wood project because in the beginning I was the one who was probably least convinced that these wooden pallet projects are really of any use at all. But as the time kept passing I became indulged in these wood pallet recycling activities. And after that time my life was literally transformed. I don’t but the wooden furniture items from the market anymore. But I recycle almost all pallet wood repurposed furniture items. Almost my entire house has all the recycled creations, and I have decorated almost each portion of my house with finest pallet ideas.

Upcycled Wood Pallet Ideas

What is so cute in this wooden pallet wall shelf? Well, I think first of all it is all about the shade, secondly the white dots right above the drawers, and on the end the utility that can be obtained from this ordinary wood pallet creation.
pallet kitchen shelf

This is another definition of class and decency where we see a fine pallet wood repurposed dressing table cum cabinet which has got some pretty huge drawers. This is so stylish and fashionable that the ladies would literally die to grab this wooden beauty.
pallet jewelry hanger

In this project, I would give no attention to the bed, but all I am concerned with is the wooden pallet upcycled headboard on the back of the room bed. This vintage pallet wood headboard has created a strange atmosphere in the room and the round lantern like bulbs are escalating the beauty of the view further.
pallet headboard

Did you ever try this sort of hanging wood pallet planters? If the answer is no then I would urge you guys to give it a try immediately as it is so handy and easy. Plus very small amount of timber is needed here.
pallet hanging planters

This table was lying here lonely so we thought to give it some company of these finely recycled wood pallet couches. Despite of the simple structure they look very awesome being quite low to the ground. And ideal sitting arrangement creating a casual atmosphere. But obviously you have to be cautious in the selection of shipping pallets.
pallet furniture idea

This is amazing man. this smart and genius pallet wood table along with the built in benches has really made my day, and trust me I have already made up my mind that I am just going to try this one. As I am still left with some clean and fresh shipping pallets.
pallet furniture for kids

Who would have given such a luxurious life to the mere pets? Yes you can make it possible with the wood pallet pretty free of cost. There is a splendid wooden pallet repurposed dog bed and in the other side we see a decent dog food container too.
pallet dog bed and food bowls

Don’t consider it to be mere pallet wood wall cladding, but this is actually a genius idea where we have also installed some built in planters right on the wall cladding using the same material. And we just used some of the favorite annuals in these planters.
pallet decor ideas

Wow, this could be called a strange pallet wood creation but not in absolute terms because this is pretty clear that this is a customized pallet wood couch for a single person. Maybe this was made for some bulky guys who couldn’t get fit into the routine couches.
pallet couch with attached planter

And this is one of the most repeated pallet wood creations and also one among the most useful too. Each house needs this kind of installations no matter how lavishly that is decorated and how much expensive interior décor is applied, you would still need a wall rack and a shoe storage box too.
pallet coat hanger cum shoe racks

Hang on guys, I am a bit nervous like what exactly should we call it, a pallet wood couch or a modernized and advanced bench that has also got a couple of built in drawers as an additional bounty and incentive in shape of storage space.
pallet bench with drawers

You know what exactly is the special feature of this rustic and dingy pallet wooden creation? This can be used as a bench and as a side table too. And let me tell you one more thing, this is also a wooden chest, did you notice? Yes that is probably the hidden feature.
pallet bench cum chest

Wow, if someone has got such an awesome pallet wooden bar table along with entire set up at his place, why on planet earth he or she would bother to go to some bar downtown? Just look at the mercury lighting work and the wooden fruit crates right above the table turned into lighting objects.
pallet bar

This portable table was probably made for the kids as they would love doing their homework on such an interesting place. This portable table can be folded back making it look like the portion of the wall itself. This would prevent the coverage of space.
kids furniture with pallet wood

Again don’t take it so easy as if it is only a straight and simple pallet upcycled dining table, but it has got a sizzling feature that needs to be discussed here. It has got a built in cooler too where you beer bottles are going to get chilled and served after the meal.
giant pallet wood picnic table

Wait a minute, before you caste a lusty eye on this splendid wooden pallet kids hut, you have to be prepared mentally to arrange this much bulk supply of the whole shipping pallets. And trust me this is also going to be excessively time consuming.
diy pallet playhouse for kids

But this trio of pallet wood planter wasn’t that hard to recycle at all. It needed a reasonable supply of the whole pallets, the only thing that mattered the most was apt and accurate cutting to the size of the pallet planks. That I believe is not a big deal for the real pallet wood crafters.
diy pallet planter

Lastly we thought to equip your boring and dull looking balcony with some of the finest pallet wood creations which have created here a comprehensive sitting space for whole of the family. The wheels on the bottom would make it easy to drag them single handedly.
balcony furniture made with wood pallets