Upcycle Cans to Give them Second Life

I am sure every one of us has been in love with colas and carbonated drinks at some time or other, mine was cola certainly. Cheese, jam, marmalade, are the necessities of our kitchen and daily routine. Did one ever notice its containers? these cans or tins whatever we name them, what metal are they made of? The answer is big NO!! What we have got to do with this metallic stuff, this is not one of edibles, neither can it be resold then one must throw it into dustbin after the stuff inside it has been done with. But I suggest to have a break, have a look on this beautifully molded and designed can, why not modify it, cut or mold and turn it into something more fascinating and attractive to use it for some other purposes? Sounds like a great idea? Yeah it actually is one…

From now to onward, lets not throw these cans into dustbins and “Upcycle these cans to give them the second life” and also to gain more utility from the money we spent on it earlier.

You like light globes? Grab some cans of your desired shape, pierce them artistically cover it up on common bulb and see its light sprinkling like leaves or heart.

Sick of old fashioned dull dotted dustbins spoiling your room’s grace? Take a big can, color it of your own choice, wrap it with some ribbons or art paper and keep it in your room wherever it fits, I am sure even the garbage would not bother you. Your mom loves knitting? Arrange all the wool thread colors separately to give her ease of picking one. Have kids, put their pencils in these cans after decorating them in any manner you like, they would love it.

Just think not to let go anything wasted, but make the best use out of it,

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