Custom Straw Tote Bags


I am more than sure that all the ladies out there are always desperate to look good and stylish. And a hand bag is an essential element of an adorable lady’s appearance. Though there is a huge variety of hand bags out there in the market mostly leather made bags, but another material that is becoming a hot cake is straw. Straw are basically dried stalks of grain used especially as fodder or as a material for thatching, packing or weaving. We are going to present you a number of trendy custom straw tote bags which are certainly good for toting a number of your accessories.

Custom Straw Tote

Here is a stylish straw tote bag that is woven with straw in a very fine way. No leftover knots are there and the sequence of weaving goes pretty smooth. This makes the overall appearance of the bag quite astonishing. Its handle is also woven with the same material called straw. While there is also a whole boundary of a finely designed cloth that is an additional feature of this custom straw tote bag. Though the bag is not that spacious but still very good for style and the attitude.
Straw Tote Bag 2

Well, this is such a superb straw tote bag. Rather I would say a great amalgamation of leather and straw along with skill and the style. This is a big custom straw bag for toting your accessories ladies so just pay some attention. You just have to figure it out whether it goes with your style or not. Its leathery handle is a bold feature certainly for some bold ladies out there. At the same time its printed patch showing cats and a heart also show your mood and nature. A very well designed and skillfully manufactured straw tote bag for sure.
Straw Tote Bag 3

Look what we have got for you. This trio of custom straw tote bags is just a range of handbags for friends, carry them all. Buy one for you and rest for your pals. Its sophisticated pinkish inner reflects immense feminism. So all the adorable girls who are pretty confident of their style must go for this custom straw bags range and show their appearance what exactly they have got to show to the world. Its delicate multicolored heart shows your passion and positivity towards life. While the size is also very perfect for any use.
Straw Tote Bag 4

The next one is a huge bucket like straw tote bag. Its huge size is obviously designed to give you all the freedom to carry a huge amount of accessories with you while walking. Certainly good for toting a bulky amount of things for you. Handles are also made with straw. You can use it for multiple purposes, depending on your mood. Take it out on the beach toting a number of edibles or just bring the grocery home, or even just carry for your signature to create a more stunning impact. This is further decorated with woolen brooches.
Straw Tote Bag 7

Last but not the least is also more like a tiny bucket, so once again this custom tote bag gives you all the freedom to use it multi purposes. Though it is perfectly designed for the ladies who are a little bulky, this is a present for them. Different pattern of weaving is used here, while the handles and lower end is wrapped up in a check cloth making it look more decent. So ladies just grab it, put in some eye makeup, blush on and whatever you like put it on your shoulder and show your existence. This is worth representing your style.
Straw Tote Bag Ideas

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