Wooden Sticks Upcycled Craft Ideas


Are you familiar with the common wooden sticks we usually use while eating ice cream as ice cream sticks? Made from the raw wood these wooden stick have a specific shape and bear very light weight. They can easily be broken. Now lets get to some real work. If you are a true crafter by heart and soul, you can use these wooden stick in upcycling craft ideas. These upcycled crafts could be used as center pieces or even the decoration pieces. For instance here in the very first project, we can see a beautiful house recycled with wooden sticks.

Sticks Craft Ideas

Now coming towards the next project, we can see the wooden sticks being used in a very delicate way where they are colored as light and dark purple. Then they are joined and stuck together making a beautiful tiny jewelry rack. This is probably the most delicate and decent craft idea upcycled with these wooden sticks. We have made numerous jewelry boxes by repurposing the wooden sticks. But this time tiny wooden sticks are used in this idea to make a small jewelry stand or rack. Place it right in the middle of your dressing table.
Wooden Sticks Craft Ideas

I still remember my childhood when we used to make paper planes and used to fly them. That was certainly the golden period of our life. Here is a beautiful upcycled craft idea where again those wooden sticks are used. It would definitely remind you your childhood. We can see beautiful plane models here in this project. Though the wooden sticks were painted prior to assembling with some attractive dark colors. These are really inspirational plane models for kids and even fascinating for the adults. Place them on your room shelves as decoration pieces and grab the attention of your visitors.
Wooden Sticks Upcycled Airjet

This life is full of colors. Sometimes light colors of happiness prevail, and sometimes dark shades of sorrow are there in our life. So there is great importance of colors in our life. So are they important for the kids. Coloring is the basic art in their kindergarten schooling. So we have a great craft idea of upcycling a pencil box by repurposing the wooden sticks. Making this pencil box using wooden sticks is damn easy. You need just a couple of house hold things in making this project. This would be a great surprise and a gift for your kids.
Wooden Sticks Upcycled Pencil Holder

An outdoor swing is the source of maximum pleasure for kids and even adults. I still love sitting in outdoor swing. I with my wife sit in outdoor swing for hours and gossip. So this is truly symbol of pleasure and entertainment. How about making its tiny caricature? This certainly would be a great idea. This art craft is also going to be upcycled with the wooden sticks. As you can see in the below upcycled project, there is a wooden sticks upcycled deck on ground, and then a full fledge caricature of an outdoor swing. This is a great center piece for your home interior.
Wooden Sticks Upcycled Swing

Photos are a rare source of capturing our best moments of life and keeping them safe for decades. These photos sometimes become the most precious treasure of our life. We are going to give them a new dimension by a great idea of upcycling photo frames with wooden sticks. Just a few art pins, some cardboard, and obviously the same wooden sticks are going to be used in this craft idea of upcycled photo frames. These are pretty different from the conventional market based photo frames which are pretty expensive sometimes. While they are quite appealing and fascinating too.
Wooden Sticks Upcycled for Kids

Given below are some more amazing wooden sticks upcycling ideas:

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