Glass Cabin from Recycled Old Wood Windows


Recycling is a great art of giving new life to the old trashed things. Many people believe that the trees should not be cut at all to cater our timber needs. They believe that by cutting trees we are doing great harm to us and to our coming generations as well. So recycling is the basic motto and focus of this website. Today we are going to recycle the old wooden windows into a glass cabin. A glass cabin which might be outside of your house in the middle of your green landscape. This glass cabin is going to be made by using the old dumped wooden windows.

Glass Cabin from Recycled Old Wood Windows

Exploration of the world and our surroundings as well is intrinsically built in our nature. That’s why we go outing, mountaineering, hiking and spend our week ends on some isolated green areas to further explore the nature. This glass cabin from recycled wood windows is going to be same kind of shelter where we would sit, enjoy and explore our surroundings. This is pretty common in our society, we love to do such crazy things. This glass cabin is not a mere shelter for exploring nature but you can also spend some quality time here with your partner, all away from the noise and crowd of world.
Recycled Glass Cabin House

A high and broad glass cabin could be seen here in this project. Its wood is acquired partially from the timber store and the rest from the scrap pallets. While the front glass portion is totally made by using old wooden windows which were already having built in glass with them. A wooden ladder connects this glass cabin with the ground. Undoubtedly the old scrap of wooden windows which were lying idle in the backyard are recycled into such an amazing and exciting place.
Recycled Old Wood Windows Recycled Ting House Glass Cabin with Wood Windows Glass Cabin House Recycled House


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