Upcycled Robot Art

This is the age of gadgets and electronic devices. Cars, ipads, computers and these gadgets have turned our daily calm life into a robotic one. We work all the daylong like robots, and still we are running short of time. Working like robots means that we work without break or intervals to relax. Science and research have speeded up our life, new robotic inventions are replacing the human labor force. Robots are working in factories, and serving on several other places. These automated robots work at their own and symbolize restless work and still keep going.

As the robots are symbol of unlimited energy and work force, they reinforce us to keep working and keep going. So their presence is like an inspiration or mood booster that compels us to work more and more to make our life flawless. We cannot make the actual robots at our own, but by up cycling several daily use items we can imitate the caricature of robots to place them in our house like decoration pieces. These up cycled robots would not only decor our room interior, but would also be a source of inspiration for us.

Robots are mostly made of metal, so you could employ your metallic used or discarded items to make robots. You could use spoons and forks to make robot’s hands and legs, an old vintage lamp, a metallic tin to make robot’s abdomen to make it look like a human being, any solid material blended with your creation and imagination is going to equip you with an up cycled robot to inspire and energize you at your home.

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