Can Tabs Upcycled Lamps

Light is a symbol of life. Sun light is essential in grooming life and making the living objects grow. Just like that, lighting bulbs, globes, lanterns and lamps reflect life, they show the presence of inhabitants of the house. The versatility of these lamps enhances the interior beauty of our houses. We use them at several places, on the side table of our bedroom, front table of our study table, set aside the main sofa in the lounge or the drawing room. And due to its vitality, there is a complete range of quality lamps out there in the market which are pretty expensive, sometimes beyond our comprehension. But still we buy and bring them home, just realizing their importance.

Cans or tins, whatever we name them, are beautifully molded and shaped metallic jars which contain a variety of edibles and branded beverages. These cans ensure their quality and restrain from early expiry and rotting. There is a pull-tab on the top of the can, this tab is actually a pull ring lever with a rivet to pre-scored wedge. This pull tab is actually an alternate, where opener was needed earlier, in cans. the tab just needed a pull back. These little can tabs could be utilized in certain dramatic manners, using them in making lamps is one example.

Don’t go for expensive branded lamps, they are not any addition to your status anymore, people now days encourage and appreciate the unique rare crafts made of any material. You can make at your own, beautiful lighting lamps by recycling the can tabs.  All you need in this regard is a couple of easily available things, like a bulb, an electric wire, a cord set, and a lamp shade made of pygmy can tabs. You have to just join these tiny tabs in a specific manner to give it a certain design while making the lamp shade. This unique lamp made of upcycled can tabs is going to be a master piece among your all other self made crafts.

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