Repurposed Sweet Heart Wall Art

Heart is the most vital organ of body. A pump of blood, a common man’s fist sized organ. Widely used in stories, poems and poetry to explain love. You live in my heart, or you have taken my heart away are a couple of romantic lines used to express love in front of your beloved. And you also like heart shaped products or packing, like heart shaped chocolate bar, heart shaped scent, or a heart shaped necklace. All of them portray the frivolous love affection and care. While drawing heart on the wall is also a gesture or reflection of love. You décor your home with the caricature of heart, make it of several materials but the shape remains the same.

It is said that walls have ears, but you could give your walls a heart too, sounds great? Yeah it is in fact great. Decor your walls with colors of life, with repurposed sweet heart wall art. It is going to give you an immense look of charm and love filled all around you, this re-purposed wall art of sweet heart is going to whisper in your partner’s ear that how much you love him or her.

Make your walls look livelier with sweet heart wall art by repurposing pieces of paper, or a silk thread, or a heart made of red board card fixed on a wooden plank and installed on the wall, or a bunch of thread cones assembled together in a sweet heart shape, a set of emptied paint boxes. Make this wall art by repurposing several objects, it’s definitely going to add flavor in your daily life.

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