Upcycled Dresser Drawers


I simply love the objects when they are repurposed cleverly for some entirely new uses. Upcycled dresser drawers are another big example. Especially when its about upcycling the dresser drawers, I become more excited because I have bulk of relevant stuff. When you have the stuff in excess, it becomes pretty handy to upcycle them. I actually have three of them at home. One of them is used for seasonal holds like gloves, sweaters and hats. Another drawer holds some trivial house hold accessories, and the last one caters the needs of my daughter. So I am really very well equipped to upcycle these dresser drawers. These upcycled dresses drawers would turn to be entirely new objects and would be used to cater our multiple needs.

Dresses drawers are an integral part of a furniture article. These customized wooden boxes are meant to preserve our daily use items and prevent them from weather effects as well. I have been to countless thrift stores where I have seen beat up dressers that seem barely salvageable. I always wondered that what could be done with these decently customized wooden boxes. Then I also witnessed some of the dresser drawer projects where these dresser drawers were repurposed or upcycled. I was really amazed to see how interestingly they are upcycled. We have also brought you some inspirations of upcycling dresser drawers.

Upcycle a huge giant dresser drawer as a planter in your garden or even indoor to create a wild atmosphere in your surroundings. Or use a trio of dresser drawers as a stylish planter having different plants in each drawer as shown in the below project. Use them in your bedroom to arrange your daily use accessories or use them in wall art containing several photo frames, vases and books. Upcycle the dresser drawers as jewelry hanger or just as a tiny table in your bedroom containing your favorite books.

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