Bottle Caps Recycling Ideas


Art is something that is free from the limitations of time and place. And recycling could be named as branch of art. In the recycling process we give new life the old trashed and discarded things that were considered to be of no use any more. We have upcycled countless things. And today we would talk about possibilities of upcycling the bottle caps ideas. Bottle caps are apparently a piece of garbage that we immediately get rid of by throwing them away in the dustbin. But the idea of recycling the bottle caps demands to preserve these inferior objects and turn them into something amazing and useful.

Bottle Caps Upcycling

In the first project you can see the bottle caps being used as table mat. A table mat is used to contain the glasses or other utensils that are hot and might harm the surface of the table. So here in this project, these useless bottle caps are very smartly turned into table mats. In the next one, we can see a stylish bottle container or a conventional pot that has already a stylish look, it is further enhanced by adding the flattened bottle caps in this idea. This caps recycling idea has turned the pot into a stylish and industrial bottle container which would look great while lying on your center table.
Bottle Caps Crafts

Photos and snaps are a best source of preserving your memories. We use several kinds of photo frames, sometimes they are wooden and sometimes even metallic. They are probably a must have for every house hold. So here we are recycling the bottle caps into tiny photo frames. This idea is literally fantabulous. You can paste your small photos inside the bottle caps and stick them along the wall. These bottle caps are going to grab immense attention.
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