DIY Crafts Ideas with Buttons


A small fastener, used in modern clothing and fashion, is mostly made from plastic. But this is not necessarily plastic, this is also made using metal, wood, and even seashells. This could be an example of folk art or a miniature work art. Though it is merely used as fastener in dresses of all kinds, but as we highlighted its artistic perspective, It can also be used in numerous art crafts. These multi colored miniature objects are a source of color in any art craft, here in this article we are going to talk about a number of DIY crafts ideas with buttons.

Crafts ideas with buttons

This is a toy ball or pack containing some surprise inside it. But before it gets opened, it is made pretty attractive as an art craft using these tiny multi colored buttons and green colored silken ribbon which make it look like a real present.
Upcycled Button Crafts

Anyone of you have witnessed silhouette art? This seems a bit similar to that. Though these are mere wooden boards wrapped in different clothes and different sized buttons are pasted on them to make some sort of portrait. A good piece of decoration that could be used in wall art.
Love Art with Buttons

A lamp shade couldn’t just get better than that. A number of stuffs have been used in making lamp shades, but this time this is entirely different. Multi sized bright colored buttons are pasted on the net fabric to make an artistic lamp shade that is a classic example of folk art.
Lamp with Buttons

I always forget my keys and then keep looking for them here and there. But if I was having this sort of charming key chain made using buttons, I would never forget my keys, rather I would keep staring the key chain the way it is created in artistic manner.
Key Rings with Buttons

Jeans is probably equally famous among males an female… also one of the most used fabrics in the whole world. How can one turn an ordinary typical jeans into something extra ordinary article? Well, I think the demonstration done here is pretty reasonable answer to this query.
Jeans Fashion with Buttons

These tiny buttons are cute and delicate, and so are the ladies with all due respect… sometimes you need to put on a belt on your jeans just as a fashion symbol, so could there be a better choice to put on than this buttons recycled DIY belt?
Fashion Belt with Buttons

This one is something overloaded with creativity. Some wooden sticks, multi colored card board, and ofcourse some buttons are used in making this kids toy. I remember having this sort of wheels or fans in my childhood days, here they are given a whole new dimension in this DIY with plastic buttons.
Buttons Flowers

Wow, I am just loving this art craft made using some of the cutest plastic buttons in multi colors and sizes. This teapot pasted on the front door of a house could be a symbol of some tea loving people inside, might also be fixed on some tea serving restaurant as well.
Buttons Kitchen Art

These plastic buttons are a symbol of miniature art but not confined to it. They can also be used in making the caricatures of some animals or birds like here we see an owl, just depending on how much potential have you got as an artist.
Buttons Made Owl

These buttons DIY crafts are just getting better with every next project. Who would have thought of making a tree craft using these tiny buttons elsewhere? We take the pride in taking the initiative to take this art craft to its peak. This DIY art craft is as easy as drawing a sketch.
Buttons Made Tree

Glass bottles or mason jars are so damn pretty famous in our different art craft plans. But here they have got even better in this DIY plan where these multi colored plastic buttons are shaped as artificial flowers and put inside these mason jars to make vase.
Centre Piece with Buttons

Now these are some classic examples of miniature art. Just think of making a 3D tree on your drawing book, or a pillow studded with plastic buttons, a clock or even some sleepers through these smartly planned DIY art crafts using the common buttons that were lying idle from months.
Crafts made with buttons

A vase is something exceptionally great acclaimed worldwide as a classic decoration piece inside your room interior. But the way it is treated here in this DIY art craft idea using buttons is just worth having a look. A ceramic vase studded with plastic buttons is something different in the town to gossip about.
Decor Craft with Buttons

Thread cones are associated with thread and they are especially prepared for this purpose. As they prevent the thread from getting messed up, but these very cones are turned into some marvelous pieces of art craft through these smart DIY plans using plastic buttons. They look like Christmas tree.
Decor Crafts with Buttons

One of the lamp shades has already been done in another DIY. But this one is apparently different from the last one. A proper lamp shade is reclaimed into a fabulous art craft using same tiny buttons, and this time the lamp shade is looking even better than it was earlier.
DIY Crafts Ideas with Buttons

Sceneries and paintings are a vital segment of decorative art crafts. They could be pretty expensive, but this one closer to 3d painting is made with the help of our chalked out DIY plan using some cheap accessories mainly plastic buttons and water paint, pretty simple.
Buttons Decorated Tree

You certainly would have seen button up shoe, but hardly one would have been through shoes studded with plastic buttons, right? Then here is an exciting demonstration for you guys. Just have an idea that simple sandals or pumps can get this much better with our simple and handy DIY art craft plans.
Buttons Decorated Shoes

Now we have become addicted to these tiny buttons. We just have them in bulk and now we would not be looking back, we are going to use them on a common hand bag turned into an extra ordinary art craft through this DIY plan.
Buttons Decorated Bag

Wall art takes a lot of effort and struggle. It requires expertise and command over your work. But our DIY art crafts made with buttons are equally handy for even the amateurs as well. Like this bird caricature made on wall again with our super smart plastic buttons that were perceived to be pretty useless.
Buttons Bird Art

In our world of art crafts things are re gaining their existence. Things are getting easier and fascinating. Like this photo frame is turned into a very decent and delicate decoration piece containing a caricature of deer that’s an innocent animal, he is treated here accordingly.
Button Upcycled

Wow. You just can not resist the expertise and color sense employed in this DIY art craft. The color combination and the pattern used here in making this phenomenally artistic vase is just commendable. It takes some real effort to make colors speak, to represent your taste and inclination towards aesthetics.
Button Crafting

Have you seen a strawberry tree? Ofcourse not… even I haven’t seen one, but pardon me, what is this red tree all about? Oops, this is again some tricky art used in our next DIY plan in making this 3D photo frame by our smart crafters who really know how to exploit the colors.
Button Art

Glass bottle or mason jar vases are getting even better in our tutorial, these DIY art crafts made using buttons are simply appealing, they literally drag you towards them and make us realize their appearance. I mean vases could also be that expressive like this trio…
Button Art Ideas

A butterfly is associated with colors closely. And that is the main feature maneuvered by our art crafters here in a very commendable manner. I have never seen such an adorable butterfly and how come I would see it when it is an art craft designed by a crafter using same tiny buttons.
Butterfly with Buttons

Even hand bags are changing dimensions. They are becoming more eye catching and more lively in our DIY crafts using buttons. These lifeless pygmy buttons have uprooted their silence and turned them to some expressive art crafts that are loudly depicting your style which is casual yet arrogant.
Bags with Buttons

Wow… I am lagging words supply for this kind of marvelous art crafts through our handy DIY articles. I mean I never knew mere heels could be turned into so much noisy and loud fashion shoes just by using some ordinary buttons? This is something damn encouraging for all the art lovers and crafters.
Shoes Art with Buttons

All of these DIY art crafts are made using these pygmy fasteners made with plastic, that we considered were nothing but a tool to fasten the fabric pieces. But who knew that they could turn that loud and eye catching? Just have a look on this final art craft of the day, these breath taking pumps… where you are going to get them from market? You just can’t… looking from the artistic perspective they are just priceless, you just have to be smart enough to get them for yourself. Money just can’t buy you everything, sometimes it takes art…
Shoes with Buttons