Mason Jars Creative Re Purposed Creations

These pretty mason jars made of glass or sometimes other material are so useful and handy that they can be used to serve a variety of purposes. They contain several edibles, beverages and other frequently used substances in our daily life. The curvature and shape of these mason jars make them feasible enough to turn them in numerous creative re purposed creations. We use them for carrying knick knacks, spices, butter foaming gel etc etc. a huge number of uses is associated with them.

I witness a variety of their usages in my home by my mom in a momtastic way, she really inspires me a lot by turning these mason jars into creative re purposed creations, she’s just so good in that. Now the deal is that how u make them a noticeable creation with your ideas. This needs no rocket science buddy, trust me. You just got to be a man of ideas and ever ready person to give form and shape to your idea, your pal is going to pay you a lot through praises and appreciation.

Now being specific about the uses of mason jars, we can paint and hang them with the tree outside our home in the garden, or by painting them lightly, and enjoined with ordinary bulbs we can turn these jars into lighting globes . we can grow money plant in them to increase our spiritual optimism, or can we just turn them in pretty transparent vases by putting a bunch of favorite fresh flowers in them. Just an artistic look is needed, and a re purposed new creation made of these mason jars is all at your disposal.

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