Pallet Recycled Planters


I strongly feel that despite of so much work on wooden pallet recycled planters, we still feel a strange craving towards it has got so many reasons for this, they are cost effective, they can be designed and shaped according to your own choice, with every passing day they are getting trendy, and they are considered to be an ideal substitute, infact far better than the conventional potting planters. So what makes our articles great is that we just hate repetition, we always come up with the latest ideas and inspirations, so are the pallet recycled planters that we are going to represent today just for you guys.

Cable Reel Pallet Planter

The moment you guys have planned to recycle some wooden pallet planter then just stay determined to make them even bigger like this one. Well, this might look like a hay feeder from distant view, but infact this is a herb planter made with the shipping pallets.
DIY Pallet Planter

How about this one? How many of you like some vertical gardens? I think they look pretty good while installed somewhere inside the house. They are also a substitute of a whole green landscape, so this is just like creating a little green land right inside your small house.
DIY Recycled Pallet Planter

This is another cute wooden pallet recycled planter. Made with the broken and deteriorated wooden pallets, it still holds its specific charm. Having multiple layers it allows you to use the portions for multiple breeds, and the wheels on the base are an additional charm so that you may drag it wherever you want it to be.
Inspiring Pallet Planter

Now this is something pretty different from the regular stuff, this certainly holds a complex pattern that might be hard for the beginners. We have used wooden shipping pallets along with some wooden fruit crates in this wooden planter, just to bring about some change.
Pallet Crates Planter

This is a great innovation, a wooden pallet planter cum sign board. It holds the simplest design, what we did actually that we removed the additional planks from the front, we covered the lower portions with jute thread, filled them with soil and turned them into a classic planter.
Pallet Wood Planter

And this could be called a whole package. This is not mere a planter, but this is a wooden pallet recycled planter cum vertical garden. Best color scheme is selected for this planter just to make it more eye catching and compatible with flowers, and provided the space for planting on each portion.
Pallet Wood Vertical Planter

Here comes again another complex wood pallet repurposed planter. Making this one isn’t that simple and straight. You have to come up with solid homework, grip on the measurements, only then you can execute this beautiful pallet wood upcycled planter idea.
Recycled Pallet Planter

And the last one seems like an inspiration from the garden fountains. The way their structure is built, same pattern seems to be borrowed over here. This is a three tiered wooden shipping pallet recycled planter, you can plant multiple breeds in each portion. And even no worries about the pallet selection, they might be fresh or old.
Repurposed Pallet Planter Upcycled Wood Pallet Planter Wooden Pallet Planter