Upcycled Styrofoam Sculptures Art


Well, before we get started. We must have a glimpse inside this Styrofoam thing a bit technically as it might sound something new for some of you. Basically this is a sort of expanded polystyrene foam. Usually this stuff is used in the packaging of some delicate products that are in danger of being damaged. Sometimes it is also used in cushions. I hope you guys have envisioned the actual thing that is being discussed right now. So let’s get started with some real work. Here we are going to upcycle Styrofoam sculptures art crafts. Hope you guys would enjoy these Styrofoam sculpture.

Recycled Styrofoam Robots

Getting some plenty of Styrofoam stuff isn’t that hard. It comes with many of electric appliances and other delicate items. So getting it isn’t that difficult at all. This is a Styrofoam upcycled cloud sculpture that is made with sheer devotion and skill by our smart crafters.
Styrofoam cloud sculptures

Though the smaller pieces of Styrofoam aren’t that firm to carry the heavier weights, but when they are combined and joined together, they become firm enough for the job. Same could be observed here in this Styrofoam upcycled couch. This could be used practically or may be placed in some of your art gallery.
Styrofoam couch sculpture

Sitting on a Styrofoam upcycled couch could totally be a different experience. But when actually experienced, this could be a very luxury and comfortable one. Just like this huge Styrofoam upcycled couch, this project shows practicability of these upcycled items. You can make one for you.
Styrofoam furniture sculptures

When we talk about sculptures, this could be anything. A practical furniture item, a cartoon character or anything you like to upcycle. Just look at this cute Styrofoam recycled robot apparently this looks like an electric installation because of the wires attached to it, but this is actually a sculpture totally free from electricity or anything like that, may be a toy for your kids.
Styrofoam Green Robot

Styrofoam is undoubtedly something that is totally harmless and making sculptures out of it for your kids would something quite safe. Just try atleast for once making these Styrofoam upcycled sculpture for your kids, I am sure they would love it.
Styrofoam kids sculptures

This is another Styrofoam upcycled sculpture or may be a cartoon character made with colored Styrofoam. This cute robot or cartoon character made in a crazy manner, having three legs, two wired hands, and a squared face with a weird appearance is something pretty charming for the kids.
Styrofoam Robot Craft

Wow, now this is something really insane. A perfect robot sculpture equipped with all features that a perfect robot usually has. So in this modernized world where kids prefer to play with the advanced gadgets, this would be really a great present for your growing kids who are in love with the science and its inventions.
Styrofoam robot crafts

And on the end, there are some gigantic Styrofoam upcycled caricatures or creations that are made with utter effort and struggle taking whole long days. All of these beautiful sculptures just can’t be denied, they demand some solid consideration from your side.
Styrofoam-Robot Styrofoam sculptures crafts Styrofoam sculptures