Light Bulb Recycling Ideas


Today we are going to work on some light bulb recycling ideas. Edison was the one who created this useful invention but we are going to be the ones who would be turning these light bulbs into some really great ideas of recycling the light bulbs. Bulbs which are meant to lighten up our homes. We are geared up to turn them into some really exciting ideas which are going to be some really art crafts. Like here in the first project we have removed the back metallic holder of the bulb, filled it with some withered petals and closed it back again the same way it was with some colorful glue.

Light Bulb Wall Decor

In the next project we have painted the glassy part of the bulbs and also the metallic holders in some pretty different colors, and some metallic wires are turned into reclaimed legs making them look like chicks. This is such a great inspirational bulb recycling idea for the kids. Not only it would fascinate them but would also make them familiar with basic art work that how it goes on. We have also created their tails and feathers with some card board stuff cutting it according to the shape.
Old Light Bulb Crafts

Chimes are a best source of decorative pieces. We frequently come across them in many house holds. Most of the times they are made of some delicate stuff but today we have some really enthusiastic ideas to turn the light bulbs into some practical chimes as you can see here. Along with some crystal globes, a couple of light bulbs are also hanged making it look like chimes. A truly new inspirational art idea where light bulbs are used as chimes. You can hang them inside your home in lobby or even outdoor wherever you find it suitable.
Light Bulb Ideas

It is a common and well established saying that need is the mother of invention, but we art lovers believe that art is that driving force that can turn ordinary things into some real art crafts and give them an entirely new look and style and the demonstration is right here in the form of light bulb recycling idea where we have filled half of the bulb with water, we filled the metallic holder with some real wax, fixed them inside the real glass and turned them into some practical candles that could perfectly be used when you are going to have a candle light dinner.
Light Bulb Recycled Candles

In the next project once again we have filled the bulbs with water, dipped some cut flowers in them to make them look even prettier, and we have hanged them using some rope or metallic wire along the tree. This could one the most impressive idea in the garden art. You can also enjoy them indoors. These light bulbs have turned to some live tiny planters where your cut flowers are going to stay for long. Try making this one for you this idea is so damn easy to execute and also very cost friendly.
Light Bulb Recycled Planters

In the last idea of the day, we have turned these light bulbs into a sweet caricature of a classic couple. The male is dressed in a black tuxedo holding a conventional wooden stick which is an emblem of his authority. While the lady is dressed into a white elegant dress making her look like a newly wed bride. The metallic holders of light bulbs are painted as mimicking their actual faces. Place this beautiful art craft or decorative piece right in the middle of sitting room and enjoy the warmth of these light bulb recycling ideas.
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