Autumn Decorating Ideas


Autumn, one of the four temperate seasons, has its own charm and beauty. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. When the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier and the temperature begins to cool down with every passing day. When the trees are shedding their leaves, and gardens and passage ways are covered with the leaves. It is alarming the arrival of autumn. The autumn season has its own specific charm. It is also used as a main theme in poetic verses which reflect the separation of lovers. We associate this beautiful season with some great decorating ideas. The leaves lying on roads make a very dramatic scene. While the leaved that are shed by the trees, their crunching noise gives a strange sensation in autumn. We have the inspiration of using these shed leaves in some finest art crafts.

Autumn decorating ideas are nothing more than making your surroundings more charming by using those shed leaves in some of your daily use house hold items. Suppose, you could give your fireplace a makeover this fall with these mantel decorating ideas that celebrate the autumn harvest, Halloween, and everything in between. You could use these shed leaves in wall art, even in making an accent wall, or you could even decorate your washroom by arranging some shed leaves on the walls or placed in a mason jar.

For instance, the shed leaves are used in a great make over of a giant candle container surrounded by the shed leaves. This is a great centerpiece for being placed in your washroom when you are going to have a sauna bath or steam bath. In another project, a metallic bowl filled with some fine apples along with tiny candles is surrounded with shed leaves. The fallen stems are arranged in a metallic vase, and the leaves are attached to candle wax in autumn decorating ideas.


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