Crafts Made with Recycled Bottle Caps


I know when I would say that let’s have some great recycling projects with recycled bottle caps then you guys would be like what? These tiny metallic bottle caps? How’s that going to happen? But I am all here to answer you valuable queries. All we need to do is just to collect some wide range of these metallic bottle caps, and then we would be making some of the best domestic art crafts that would make your place look awesome with their addition, and making them would be as simple as making a cup of tea. Most common accessories would be used.

Bottle Cap Crafts

How do you see this artificial flower made using the same metallic bottle caps? This looks great right? What we did exactly, we just molded and twisted some of the bottle caps, and shaped them like petals, and in the middle we fixed one whole bottle cap.
Bottle Caps Art

Such tiny wax candles are getting trendy with every passing day. People have started using them in sauna bath and in dining spaces just to create an intoxicating atmosphere. We are just saving you a lot of bucks, recycle these tiny candles with bottle caps and you would love them.
Bottle Caps Candles

Wow, I am simply loving these artificial flowers made with recycled bottle caps. Same bottle caps are shaped like an organic flower with a very smart arrangement, and we added some silken stripes or lace in these embellishments. Just paste them on your wall, kids would adore this addition.
Bottle Caps Clusters

Who would say that I don’t like the snow man, well, he’s the most commonly loved guy. We have made the snow man with several materials but I think this one is the simplest and easiest one. We just grabbed a couple of bottle caps, painted inside smartly, fixed some silken patches and we are all done.
Bottle Caps Craft

Some of you might say that I am sick of this regular glass top on the wooden table, I just want to change it with some artistic thing, then why not to try these very same bottle caps? Just flatten them up with a gentle hammer and paste them on the table top.
Bottle Caps Decorated Table

Ladies, I don’t feel your presence why is it so? I mean if you were there, you would have surely yelled out loud after seeing these delicate bottle cap recycled earrings. Just look at them, they are simply adorable.
Bottle Caps Earings

I know some of you are desperately waiting for some garden craft ideas. Here is your cup of tea. They look like some delicious cup cakes for the feast, but don’t act like a glutton. They are just a garden art craft, we have made them with immense love and care just for your garden.
Bottle Caps Garden Crafts

And the final one is I believe best of all the prior art crafts that we have recycled so far. These elegant earrings are not some expensive market based jewelry items, but this is the creation of some smart crafter who has given birth to these exquisite earrings just with his skill and ofcourse the bottle caps.
Bottle Caps Jewelry Bottle Caps Recycled Bottle Caps Reused Bottle Caps Snakes