Ideas To Recycle Bottles For Decor


Are you a big drinker and have plenty of wine bottles out there? Lets recycle them. The recycled bottles are quite useful in creating home decor items instead of throwing them away. By giving a little time and using simple tools as scissors thousands of things can be made as chandeliers, jewelry stands, room dividers, curtains and vegetable stands. Beautiful lights have been installed in these glass bottles after painting them in unqiue color from inside and floral design has been made from outside, these bottles have become amazing decorative pieces. Instead of disposing the glass bottles out there, we can think of better uses by recycling them.

Recycled Bottles For DecorThe glass bottles can amazingly materialize diy projects by having their sculpture shapes and extreme durability. With a little imagination and creativity these wine bottles have been converted into decorative objects serving both the purpose of storage and beauty. Filled with lentils and spices the bottles are recycled into candle sand holders. A beautiful way to light up kitchen or amazing candlelight effect to the dinner table. They can be placed on kitchen racks or dining room shelves as eye catching decoration pieces. These recycled glass bottle candle holders will lit up the place you desire and create a mesmerizing effect at night.

Recycled Bottles CandlesCreate this amazing wine bottle vase by doing nothing but simple tricks. Paint the bottle into white from inside out and place those beautiful tree branches painted in red color. This contrasting decoration is complimenting the dining room theme and enhancing the look of rustic wooden table. Another way is to add any beautiful net lace at the bottom of glass bottle and it will serve as an eye catching flower vase. The bottles can be converted into amazing decoration pieces by adding bow to the bottle neck and painting a face downwards. Just think around and recycle the glass bottles for your own choice and home decor needs.

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