Old Bike Rims Upcycled

I always wished to ride a heavy bike and now I have my dream bike in my garage. 1300 cc hayabusa. That’s a great powerful machine. Which one is your favorite? There is a great number of people who in spite of sufficient resources, still love to ride a bike. A bike or a bicycle, both have metallic rims in their wheels. Rim is a sharp circular edge which surrounds the coin design. These circular metallic wheels are basically made to make tires firm enough and keep it shaped so that bike or bicycle keeps going. But there comes a time when this metallic rim has been done with its estimated life and this is discarded and exchanged with a new one. These old bike rims can be upcycled to many useful and practical crafts.

Old bike rims are mostly scraped or trashed, you never would have considered them to be of any use, but we have come up with many great ideas of upcycling these old bike rims in to various practical crafts which could be used to beautify your surroundings and can provide you maximum utility. Let me assure you, you are going to love these upcycled rims.

You can use the cuttings of rim in a beautiful industrial sitting bench that could be placed in your garden as a master art craft. This would multiply the beauty of entrance of your garden. Or you can use it as a rotator on your dining table carrying your breakfast items and rotating all around giving the ease of approach to everyone sitting on all corners of the table. You can hang your kitchen utensils by a hanging or fixed rim, a colorful wheel erected in a corner of your garden, as the base of a glass table, or even the base of many chimes hanging in the main entrance of your lobby.

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