Decorative Wine Stopper / Cork Crafts


A wine stopper or cork apparently looks like a wooden object but basically it is obtained from the bark tissue harvested for commercial use and it is endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. These wine stoppers or corks literally mean nothing to us and we just throw them away with a smash and after shaking the wine bottle well to create foam and a blowing sound. Here in this article we would be making several corks recycled art crafts and many practical items as well. You must give them a try and they would please you to the max.

Decorative Wine Stopper Candles

Here is a clock made using such useless house hold items like wooden pallet sheets, corks, and some spice plastic bottles. This squared wall clock is just symbolic and is more like a centre piece or a decoration piece. Wine corks are pasted on wooden sheet to make a leveled surface. Well, this could be used just anywhere outdoor in your patio, or on the main entrance wall or anywhere you like. It is just an attention grabber, and yeah it also shows your love and inclination towards the art and crafts for sure.
Decorative Wine Stopper Wall Clock

Wow, I never knew that a mere couch could have such a splendid cover made using the wine stoppers or corks. The armrests back and seat of the couch is made using the wine stoppers. But arranging such a huge quantity of corks is certainly a big deal.
Decorative Wine Stopper Couch Chair

Just have a look on these awesome wall art ideas. They are damn cool to deal with for sure. This squared box or a heart shaped caricature is also made using the same wine stoppers which were considered to be pretty useless and good for nothing.
Decorative Wall Wine Stopper

All of these cork recycled crafts are really adorable. This wall clock, bucket and common pin container are again the brain child of a true crafter and the same wine stoppers are the main material used in making all of these art crafts. They are real easy to make.
Decorative Wine Stopper Crafting Ideas

You would have seen a number of side lamps but I am just more than sure that you wouldn’t have ever been across such a stylish table lamp where the shade is made using the wine stoppers. This cork creation is very appealing and eye catching and also very durable at the same time.
Decorative Wine Stopper Lamp

Ground mats are meant to prevent the dust from getting inside the room floor. Here we se a very delicate ground dust mat right beside the Jacuzzi in a washroom. Look at it carefully, this mat is nothing but a cork recycled art craft, being practically used here.
Decorative Wine Stopper Floor

What would you say about these long and tall art crafts? Well, to me they are just a symbol of your aesthetic sense and the appreciation for art. We buy such art crafts against considerable amounts, so why not to make them at your own using such useless wine stoppers and turning them to something really incredible like this.
Decorative Wine Cork Craft Ideas

There must be many admirers of silhouette art, even I am a big fan of this art. Here we see a some delicate photo frames embellished with the cork made artificial flowers and leaves. These are worth being placed right inside your bedroom.
Decorative Wine Stopper Photo Frame

Look at this huge photo frame hanging along the wall just like a huge notice board that we have had in our colleges. Which was a reminder of all the events to come. This huge photo frame or board is upcycled with the same wine stoppers, each cork is pasted one by one on the wooden board.
Decorative Wine Stopper Wall Decor

Upcycling is all about working some insane ideas which others consider being worthless but the end product is always very encouraging. Look at these caricatures of a snake or a horse, they are just a type of amusement for kids.
Decorative Wine Craft Toys

This is not a floral bouquet but a bouquet recycled with the wine stoppers. In none of the ways it is less attractive than a conventional one. Just a bunch of wine stoppers are pierced and joined together and they further embellishment is done using a silky ribbon.
Decorative Wine Cork Wreath Craft

Wake up all you addicts, here is a cute pair for you all. There is a bottle container and a fine ash tray recycled with the wine stoppers or corks. Make them much attractive and eye catching by using a ribbon all around and put it on your side table to use.
Decorative Wine Cork Crafts

Awww… I just do not have words to express the delicacy of these tiny planters. Though they are not the actual planters but their looks are even better than the real ones. Tiny wine corks are just dug up and some shrubs are just put inside to make them look like a planter.
Decorative Wine Stopper Wall Planters

Here again we see an elegant photo frame. But in fact it is just a lot more than that as it is a master art craft in itself made using the same wine stoppers or corks. A sweet amalgamation of wood, corks and art is displayed here.
Decorative Wine Stoppers

Look at these dwarf honey bees. They just couldn’t be better than the way they are presented here. The wine corks are carved cut and shaped as bees, then burlap cloth is used as their wings and they are hanged along the wall. But beware, keep them away from the kids..
Decorative Wine Stopper Crafts

What exactly is this pineapple look alike object? Have a look from the other side, oh yeah. This is again the demonstration of art by using the wine corks. This is just a centre piece to grab your attention and nothing else. One can easily go for this if he is smart enough to exploit the things like this.
Decorative Wine Stopper Craft

And finally here is a decent Christmas tree which is probably the best choice for all the catholic crafters, there can not be a better option to recycled something better than this one. Such artistic trees literally give me all the potential bliss and make my day.
Decorative Wine Stopper Xmas Tree