Driftwood Upcycled Lamp


Driftwood has been used in many art crafts in our website up cycle art. driftwood is a great source of such art activities and craft making. As we have discussed earlier that driftwood is a form of marine debris and in many water front areas it is considered to be nuisance. It also provides food and shelter to many birds and other aquatic creatures. Driftwood is used in countless practical art crafts and even in furniture which offer a coastal look. This is often the most favorite stuff of art lovers, they consider it to be a best source of fun to make art crafts with driftwood.

We have come up with the idea of driftwood lamp. A lamp is a source of light, we spend a lot of money in purchasing branded expensive table lamps to add more beauty and charm to our living space. We have already discussed many stuffs to be recycled as lamps. But a driftwood made lamp is probably going to be the best one among all other lamps. A driftwood lamp is a kind of statement reflecting your aesthetic taste and your love towards art. And lamp made of driftwood is certainly going to be so eye catching that you would literally fall in love with it.

A driftwood upcycled lamp is at the same time stylish, economical, and incredibly unique. You certainly would have never witnessed such a great idea of recycling driftwood to a lamp prior to the idea offered in our website. All you have to do is to grab an Edison bulb, a fabric shade, a bulb socket and wire ofcourse, and its base would be made of driftwood as you can see in the picture. And you are going to love it where ever you place it, be it lobby, lounge or your bedroom.

Driftwood Lamp Upcycled Lamp Driftwood Upcycled Lamp