DIY Corujinha with CD


Are you familiar with the word corujinha? This probably is a Portuguese word and its means the beautiful sculpture of a pretty owl. As you can see in the pictures. In this DIY article we are going to discus that how we can make a beautiful sculpture or caricature of a beautiful bird, an owl. We are going to make it with the help of a compact disk. This is not going to take a lot of your time, but going to give you something incredible in return. Let’s talk about what you would require in making this corujinha.

A compact disk.

A pencil for sketching.

Colored card board pieces.

A blue ribbon made of silk.

And some fabric woven clips for hanging purpose.

Now first of all place the compact disc on a rough blue card board. Draw a sketch of compact disk on the card board, from one side upward draw some excessive lines in a semi circular shape to make it look like its ears. Now make an oval shaped circle which is bent inward from one side on a green card board. Now cut two parallel leaf shaped pieces bent inward to shape like its cheeks. Shove up a ribbon outside the disk from its centre hole, and stick the two fabric clips on the bottom to give them shape of its legs. Draw two black eyes in the holes further cut from the first green card board oval shaped piece. Now cross a pencil containing a writing pad from the fabric clips of the corujinha to make it a beautiful writing pad hanging on your wall 24/7. Now you have not to grope all around for a pencil and a page, just go straight to your DIY corujinha and all you need is set for you all along.
DIY Corujinha Made with CD